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Unit 9 What does he look like?

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Unit 9 What does he look like?

The first period

Section A (1a-2d)

I、Teaching goals:

1) Master the new words:

curly, straight, tall, medium, thin, heavy, build, tonight, little, cinema, glasses, later

2)Master the following target language:

—What does he look like? —He’s of medium/build.

—What does he look like? —She has long straight hair. —Is he tall or short? He’s tall./He’s short.

3)Educating students to describe people politely and objectively. II、The main points of teaching

Master the new words and the target language patterns III. The difficult points of teaching

The target language patterns

IV、Teaching process

1. Warming-up and revision

Ask three students (a fat and tall boy/ a thin and short boy/ a boy of medium height )to come to the front of the classroom and compare them to teach the new words (heavy, tall, thin, short)and present the new patterns :

1. What does he look like? He’s really tall. He has long straight hair.

2. What does he look like? He’s of medium/build.


2. Teaching Section A 1a

1. Match the words with the people in the picture. (1a)

Now please look at P49, Use the letters to match the people in the

picture with one of the numbered words. Write each letter next to a numbered word. You can use some letters more than once. Point out the sample answer.

(Keys: c, f, a, a, d, h, e, b, g, e)


(1). Using cartoons to teach words: height,curly.

Practice “What does he look like? He is really tall.”.

(2). Use a cartoon girl to teach the parts of a body(ear, face, hair, eye, nose, mouth)。

Pactice “What does he look like? He has long straight hair.”

(3). Use pictures to teach the words about hair and a beard, a moustache, glasses。

3. Practice (Section A 1c)

1). Read the conversation and recite it.

2). Practice like the conversation according to some pictures.

4. Listening (1b, 2a & 2b)

1). Look at the picture of 1a, listen and fill the blanks in the picture. (1b)

Listen carefully and fill in the blanks and find Amy’s friend? We will listen twice.The first time, just listen.The second time,listen and fill in the blanks.And say the look of Amy’s friend.( He's really tall.And he has curly hair.)

2). Listen and answer the questions. (2a)

3). Listen again and fill in the chart. (2b)

4. Listen a third time to understand the key words.

5. Practice (2c)

1). Student A looks at the chart in 2b. Student B asks Student A questions about one of the people and then draws a picture of the person quickly.

2). Act the dialogue.

6. Role-play the conversation. (2d)

1). Read the conversation to answer the questions:

(1)When are they meeting?

(2)Where are they meeting?

(3)What does David look like?

(4) Is he tall or short?

2). Read the conversation.

3). Role-play the conversation.

4). Explanation:

(1) may be (2) a little

Ⅶ. Guessing game (Li yong ,Panchangjiang)

Show the picture of Li yong and Panchangjiang on the screen


Ⅷ. Homework

1. 熟记本节课所学单词,预习P51& P52。

2.Describe your friends in the class and draw a picture of them. 板书设计:

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