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Unit 1 What did you do?

What did I do on May Day?
Did you …? Yes, I did./ No, I didn’t.

went shopping (go--went)

did some shopping (do--did)


bought presents (buy--bought)

took some photos (take-took)

read newspapers in the library (read--read)

saw the animals (see--saw)

wrote a postcard

sent an email



In pairs: Ask and Answer
-- What did you do on May Day? -- I went to the park/…

Do you know anything about the following pictures?






Find these places on the map.
a. California b. Hollywood c. Los Angeles d. Pacific Ocean e. Santa Monica f. Disneyland They’re on the west coast of the USA.

Los Angeles


Santa Monica

Pacific Ocean

Listen and follow Betty's journey.

Where did Betty go in Los Angeles?
Disneyland Hollywood swim in the Pacific Ocean at Santa Monica

Read and answer the questions.
1. How did Betty get to Los Angeles? She flew there. 2. How did Betty get to her friends’ home? Her friends drove her. 3. Why was Betty excited at Disneyland? Because she met Snow White and Mickey Mouse.

4. How long did she stay in Disneyland? She stayed for two days.

5. Where did she go swimming? She went swimming in the Pacific Ocean at Santa Monica.

Fill in the blanks according to the conversation. Then practice the conversation with your classmates.
Lingling and her friends are talking about holidays Tony will go to Los Angeles. their _______. went there two years ago. It Betty _______

________ took her about nine hours to get there.
Her friends ________ met her at the airport.

First, Betty and her parents went to
Disneyland and they ________ two days there. spent Then they went to Hollywood. They didn’t see ________ any movie stars. Finally they _________ in the Pacific Ocean at Santa swam Monica. It was so great. Betty _________ a had good time in Los Angeles.

Language points
1.What are you going to do on holiday, Tony?

be on holiday 或 have a holiday 意为在“度 假”。如: We’ll be on summer holiday.
= We’ll have a summer holiday. 我们将去度暑假。 My parents will be on holiday tomorrow. 我父母明天去度假。

[拓展] 与holiday相关的常见搭配有: have a / one’s holiday 度假 during a holiday 在一次假期中 summer holiday暑假 winter holiday 寒假

2. How long did it take to get there?
It takes sb. some time to do sth.意思是 “花费时间做……”。it 为形式主语, 真正的 主语是动词不定式。如: It took me four hours to drive there. 我驱车四小时才到那里。 It will take them a week to finish this work. 他们将要花一个星期完成这项工作。


表示“花费”的词, 除了take外,还有 spend与cost。 spend是动词,意为“度过,花费", 其主语通
常是人。它常用的搭配有:spend some time / money on sth. "在……上花费时间(金钱)";

spend some time / money (in) doing

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