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Unit 1 They touch noses!

How can we communicate our ideas to others?


Do you know the meaning of the following gestures?

Stop. Be silent/quiet. It’s OK. You are very good. / Well done! Bye-bye. say “ yes”/victory

How can we communicate our ideas to others?
$&*(()#$ $&*$)# $


How can we communicate our ideas to others?


How can we communicate our ideas to others?

tone of voice

How can we communicate our ideas to others?

facial expressions

Do you know the meaning of the following facial expressions?





People from different countries have different ways of body

languages to greet each other.
Look at the following pictures.

Chinese way

Shake hands and smile

Kiss three times

Russian way

American way

Shake hands, kiss or hug

Indian way

Put hands together and nod heads

Maori people

Touch noses

Match the pictures with the words and expression from the box. bow 3 kiss 1 shake hands 2 smile 1 / 2 /3




Do you remember …? nation China Russia England/Britain Japan France Germany Australia America/the US Canada people Chinese Russian English/British Japanese French German Australian American Canadian

Listen and match the pictures with the nationality.

British German Russian 2



Japanese 3

Work in pairs and check. --- Are they Russian? --- Yes, they are. --- What are they doing? --- They’re shaking hands.

1. Who will come to Lingling’s school?
Some Russian teachers. 2. Which country’s people do they talk about in the conversation? Russian, Chinese, American, Indian, and Maori.

Listen and check the sentences.
1. Russian usually kiss the visitors three times, right, left, right. × 2. Chinese often shake hands and smile when they meet visitors. √ 3. Chinese never kiss the visitors. √ 4. American shake hands, and some kiss or hug each other. √ 5. People put their hands together and nod their heads in India. √ 6. Maori people touch noses when they meet. √

Read and complete the table with the correct form of the words from the box.
India kiss Russia together touch visitor

In China, people shake hands and smile American people shake hands and kiss sometimes ______ When India people put their hands they meet In ______, together visitors ________ ___________ and nod their heads In ______, Russia people kiss each other three times touch noses Maori people _______

Language points 1. We Chinese often shake hands and smile … shake v. 摇晃;震动 Give the bottle a couple of shakes before pouring the juice. 倒果汁前,先把瓶子摇几下。 He shook his head in disapproval. 他摇了摇头表示反对。 His voice shook with fear. 他害怕得声音发抖。

shake hands 握手

They shook hands with each other and
then sat down.

He did not shake hands with any of them.


2. That’s because people do different things in different countrie

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