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新目标七年级下册英语Units (1—12)


( )1.—Do you often go to school by bike?

—Yes.But ________ by bus.

A.often B.usually C.sometimes D.always

( )2.—________does your father go to work?

—He drives his car.

A.How B.Where C.What D.Who

( )3.—Do you like the ________ in Hainan?

—No.It's too hot.

A.food B.people C.house D.weather

( )4.Some birds ________ to the south before winter.

A.run B.fly C.walk D.swim

( )5.—Where's Frank now?

—He ________ in the reading room.

A.read B.reading C.reads D.is reading

( )6.Peter can play ________violin,A.the,/ B./,the C.the,the D.a( )7.—Does your sister like music?

—Yes,A.for B.to C.at D.in

( )8.Kate is very ________so her classmates all like her.

A.lovely B. D.quickly

( )9.—Jenny,—A.tall B..tired D.fat

( )10.,books and fruit.

A. C.from D.about

( .

Bdoes C.did D.do

( )Oh,Tom,you walk too ________and I can't follow you.Please stop and wait for(等)me.

A.slow B.fast C.small D.large

( )13.Jack ________ watching soccer games.He thinks they're exciting.

A.enjoys B.forgets C.stops D.wants

( )14.When I walked by Mike's room,I ________ him playing the piano.

A.sounded B.listened C.looked D.heard

( )15.—Can I take a ________ for Simon?

—Yes.Please ask him to wait for me at the bus stop after school.

A.message B.shower C.walk D.photo

( )16.—Why don't you tell your parents about your problem?


—Well,I don't want them to ________ about me.

A.worry B.know C.talk D.think

( )17.—Would you like tea ________ juice?

—I don't like tea ________ juice.I'd like some coffee.

A.and,and B.and,or C.or,and D.or,or

( )18.Please take a map with you when you go out,or(否则)you'll________.

A.get lost B.get dressed C.get to D.get up

( )19.—Did you read today's newspaper?

—Yes,but there isn't ________ in it.

A.something interesting B.anything interesting

C.interesting something D.interesting anything

( )20.—Did you have a nice weekend?

—________.I went to the park and had fun there.

A.Yes,I was B.Yes,I did

C.No,I wasn't D.No,I didn't


tried to ask everyone to buy his flowers.When he saw __,“Sir,buy a flower,please!”__

One day,I went to ____.The boy didn't __and ,the boy was still there.But he didn't ask anyone to buy his flowers.I to know __.I walked to the .“Boy,why don't you ask people to buy 死的).I don't need ”I bought all his flowers.But I felt so D.flowers



school D.the zoo



C.nothing D.everything



( )30.A.money B.flowers C.love D.help




Today I will share(分享)with you some of my family's habits in the morning. My father gets up very early at around 4 o'clock.Then he goes jogging(去慢跑).He does it every day.After that he has a bowl of noodles in a small restaurant.

My mother gets up early,too.She goes to the morning market(市场)to buy fruit and vegetables,then she goes home and has breakfast with me.


My sister often gets up at 6:00 a.m.She makes breakfast,has breakfast,and then puts some food into a lunch box.She goes to work at 7:00 a.m.

I often get up at around 6:30 a.m.While my sister is having breakfast,I take out the rubbish(垃圾),and put the dirty clothes into the washing machine.When my mother comes home,I eat with her.I often leave at 7:30 a.m.to go to school.

What about your family?Write to me.



( )31.Tim is talking about his family's ________.

A.jobs B.habits C.ages D.dreams

( )32.Tim's father has ________ for breakfast every day.

A.noodles B.rice C.dumplings D.pancakes

( )33.Tim's mother has breakfast ________.

A.at the market B.in a restaurant

C.at home D.in a school

( )34.Tim's sister often ________ at 6:00 a.m.

A.goes to work B.has breakfast

C.makes breakfast D.gets up

( )35.Tim often goes to school at ________A.6:30 a.m. B.7:00 a.m.

C.7:30 a.m. D.8:00 a.m.


,they walked home from the restaurant.On they saw a black cat.Eric stopped and asked “It's unlucky when a black cat crosses the street in front of youcome to a party.

“I a ladder(梯子),”says Eric.“And I never open an umbrella(”

,”says Eric.“,I always pick it up.It brings me good luck all day( )36.Chen Hua's pen friend is from ________.

A.China B.America C.Australia D.Canada

( )37.Eric stopped when he saw the black cat crossing the street because ________.

A.he thought it was unlucky

B.he didn't like the black cat

C.he was afraid of the cat

D.he wanted to go to another place

( )38.In Eric's country,________is an unlucky number.

A.4 B.8 C.7 D.13


( )39.You may see a horseshoe ________ in Eric's house.

A.over the front door

B.under the bed

C.on the wall

D.behind the door

( )40.What can bring Eric good luck?

A.Walking under a ladder.

B.Having black cat at home.

C.Finding some money on the floor.

D.Opening an umbrella in the house.


I saw many animals in the zoo,like elephants,tigers,lions,monkeys because they were very tall,scary,In fact,( )41.A.He went to the mountains.

B.He visited the museum.

C.He went to the zoo.

D.He went to the movies.

( )42.A.It was fine. C.( )43.A. C.cakes D.bananas

( A B.They were quiet.

D.They were scary.

( What kind of animals did the writer like best?

A.The elephants. B.The tigers.

C.The giraffes. D.The monkeys.



46.47.I like beef best.




51. __(potato)in the supermarket.

52.53.My father is of medium__ __(high).





__ me soon?


,I don't know where he lives.

59.桌上有两碗水饺。 60.听!谁在教室里讲笑话?


61.Miss Wang usually goes to work by bus.()

62.The post office is behind the park.()


对画线部分提问) 对画线部分提问)


A:68.B:I like her.She is clever and kind.

A:69.B:She likes reading and traveling(旅游).

A:Oh,you have the same hobbies.

B:Yes.So we decided to travel to Yunnan together during the summer vacation. A:That's great.I also want to go there.70.__

B:Sure.I believe we'll have a good time.




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