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Section B Period Two


Look at the pictures and complete the passage.

I had a busy weekend. On Saturday morning, I cleaned my room. In the afternoon, I ________________. did my homework It was a little difficult. On Saturday night, I stayed at home and ____________ helped mum cook dinner. On Sunday morning, I __________________. went to the library I read a book about history.

Then in the afternoon, I ____________ played soccer
with my friends. On Sunday night, I

watched TV I saw an interesting talk ___________.

Write about what you did last weekend.

Last weekend was fun. On Saturday morning, I went shopping at the supermarket with my mother and then we had lunch at home. After lunch, I helped my mother with some housework. Later in the afternoon, I played football with my friends at the park. On Sunday morning, I wrote a letter in English to my pen pal. Then I had lunch with my friends at a restaurant near our home. In the evening, I watched a movie with my parents.

1. Complete the phrases. Then use some of them in the past forms to write a story. go 1. ______ out with friends go 2. ______ for a walk
pick apples 3. ______ 4. ______ take photos

kite 5. fly a ______

6. milk a _____ cow
7. camp ____ by the lake

8. study _____ for a test

2 Complete the conversation. A: I had a school trip last week. Where did you go (go)? B: Really. ________________ A: I visited the fire station. B: _____________________ (go with)? Who did you go with A: I went with my classmates. B: What _______________ did you do (do)?

A: We watched the firefighters worked.
What an interesting job they have! Did you learn anything (learn B: ______________________ anything)?

A: Sure. We learned how to call the fire
station and what to do when there is

a fire.

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