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lesson 41 were people healthy then?

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Ⅰ.单词回顾 ? n.国家;民族 nation hunt ? v.打猎;搜索 ? v.用(钱);花(钱) spend adj.自然的;天然 natural 迪娜 莫林 Dena Morin 帕瓦 pow-wow

Task 2 Read
Read and come to “Let’s do it!”No.1)

Task3 Translate phrases
Second-reading. (read the lesson and find out phrases and translate)

at that time 1)在那时__________ all the time 2)一直。 ___________ 3)寻找___________ hunt for 4)生火________ make a fire 自然的 形容词 5)Natural 是 _____,意为“ _____”, 其名词是______ nature

Task 3 Language Point

动词“花费(时间或金钱)” spent 过去式为 _______主语多是人。常用句 型:


sth. “某人

某 物上花费多少时间或金钱” (2)sb+spend+时间+ (in) doing sth.“某人 费多少 时间做某事” eg. 我花费了 5元钱买了这本书。

I spent 5 yuan on the book.

2)take表示花费时间 常用句型:花费某人多长时间做某事 It takes/took___________. sb.some time to do sth 【即时练习】 1)我爸爸花了 五个小时到家(spend)。 My father spent five hours arriving home. ______________________________ 他花费两小时写了这篇文章。 He spent two hours writing the article. ___________________________ He spent two hours on the article =___________________________ 2)我花半个小 时到校(take) It ___________________________ takes me half an hour to get to school

Grandpa, did people go fishing a long time ago?

go fishing 意为“去钓鱼”,其构成形式 为 go+doing, 常见的词组还有: go swimming去游泳 __________ go skating 去滑雪: go skiing 去滑冰; 购物: go shopping 去打猎 go hunting

? 翻译下列句子,每空一词 1. 很久以前,人们吃什么? ago did people eat ____ a _____ long time _____? What ____

2. 你每天花多长时间看电视? spend watching TV every day? How long do you______
3. 太冷了。我们生一堆火吧。 a _____ big fire. It’s too cold. Let’s make _____ ___

1.It will _______ me too much time to read this book . A take B takes C.took D.spend 3.There are many _______ in the sea A fishes B fish C. fishing D. fishs 4.A student is hunting ___a book on history. 5. I spent ten hours (in ) ____the work last night. A. finish B. finishes C. to finish D. finishing 6. They want to go _________. ? A. fish B. fishes C. fishing D . fished

? (二)根据汉语提示完成句子: 1. Peter and I went ________( hunting 打猎) some animals hunting for food last winter. spent 2. Cindy and her friends ________( 度过) their spent weekend in Guilin last month. 3.Now more people like eat natural ______(天然的)food. 4. There are over two hundred nations _______(民族) in the world. others 5. Lei Feng is always ready to helpothers _____(别人) 6.Were people _______ (健康的)then? healthy othe

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