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1. space museum 2. amusement park 3. water park 4. camera n.

1. 太空博物馆 2. 游乐场 3. 水上乐园 4. 照相机;摄影 机;摄像机

space museum

Have you ever been to a space museum?

history museum

Have you ever been to a history museum?

art museum

Have you ever been to an art museum?

water park

Have you ever been to a water park?


Have you ever been to a zoo?

amusement park

Have you ever been to an amusement park?

A: Have you ever been to…? B: Yes, I have./ No, I haven’t.

The West Lake


Have you ever been to …? Yes, I have. / No, I haven’t. /No,never.

? Have you ever been to …? ? Yes, I have. / No, I haven’t. /No,never.

MAO zedong's former residence

Have you ever been to …? Yes, I have. / No, I haven’t. /No,never.

Me neither:我也不… Me too.我也是 它们两者用法是一样的,只是前者用于否定句, 后者用于肯定句。 Me too=so+Be动词/助动词/情态动词+I Me neither= neither+Be动词/助动词/情态动词+I

I am hungry 我很饿了. Me,too.=so am I 我也是 我喜欢语文。 我也是 I like chinese Me,too= so do I

我从没去过长城 我也没去过

I haven’t been to The Great Wall Me,neither= neither have I

I am not outgoing
Me,neither= neither am I

1a Which of these places would you like to visit? Rank them from 1(most) to 6 (least).
space museum____ history museum____ art museum ____ zoo ____ water park ____ amusement park ____

Talk something about the picture.



Listening 1 Choose the best answer.
1.When did Sarah visit the National Science Museum? A. Today B. Yesterday C. Last year 2. When did Claudia visit the nature museum? A. Last year B. Last summer C. Last school trip 3. What may the relationship be between the two speakers? A. Friends B. Teacher and student C. Mother and kid.


Listening 1

Listen. Have these students ever been to

these places? Check (√) the boxes.
Science History Art Nature Space museum museum museum museum museum Claudia
Sarah √

√ √

Ask and answer questions about the places in 1b. A: Let’s go somewhere different today. B: OK. Where do you want to go? A: Have you ever been to the space museum? B: No, I haven’t. How about you? A: …

选用have, has填空:

1. I _______ have told him the news.
2. She ________ come back from school. has

3. You ________ have won the game.

按要求改写下列各句: 4. They have bought a computer. (改成否 定句) They haven’t bought a computer. ___________________________________ 5. He has lost his book. (先改成一般疑问 句,再作肯定与否定回答) Has he lost his book? ___________________________________ Yes, he has. No, he hasn’t. ___________________________________

1. Practice the dialogue and remember

the language points.
2. Preview the next lesson.

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