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11-12(二)九二模 录音稿

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A) 在下列每小题内,你将听到一个或两个句子并看到供选择的A、B、C三幅图画。找出与你所听句子内容相匹配的图画。

1. M: Jane, can you help me with the cleaning?

W: I’d love to, but I’m washing up.

2. I would like to have some noodles, please.

3. Tony was born on Thursday, April the twenty-first.

4. W: Where are you going this weekend?

M: I’m going to the beach. It’s relaxing.

B) 在下列每小题内,你将听到一个问句并看到供选择的A、B、C三个答语。找出能回答你所听到的那个问句的最佳选项。

5. What’s the matter with you?

6. How about going fishing this weekend?

7. Where are your parents now?

8. What’s your favorite drink?

9. How do you get on with your classmates?

10. Have you ever learned to play the piano?

11. Which language can you speak?

12. How soon will our English teacher come back from Australia?

13. What sort of music does Mary like?

14. Which is more useful, a computer or a camera?

C) 下面你将听到十组对话,每组对话都有一个问题。根据对话内容,从每组所给的A、


15. W: How cloudy! Did you listen to the weather report this morning?

M: Yes. It said there would be a heavy rain this afternoon.

16. W: What will you do if you’re free, Ben?

M: I’ll practise playing tennis.

17. W: What were you doing from 4:00 to 5:00 yesterday afternoon?

M: Let me see … I was studying with my friend. At 3:40 I got to his house by bike. At 5:20 I got back.

18. M: Sorry, I’m a little late.

W: It doesn’t matter. The movie is boring.

M: Really? How about going home and watching TV?

19. W: Excuse me. How can I get to the bus station?

M: Go ahead, turn left at the second corner.

W: Is it far?

M: No. It is only three hundred metres away.

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20. M: Where are you going to work?

W: I’m not sure yet. Maybe Shanghai or Guangzhou. But I like Beijing best.

21. M: Where are you from?

W: I am from England.

M: When were you born?

W: I was born in 1992.

22. M: Who is the man?

W: He is a scientist.

M: What is he famous for?

W: He is very good at computer science.

23. M: What happened to you? You are so late.

W: The bus I took was broken, and I had to walk.

24. W: I thought you would win the football match, but …

M: Sorry. We didn’t play as well as we could.

D) 听下面长对话或独白。每段长对话或独白后都有几个问题,从题中所给的A、B、C



W: Hello! This is the English-help Centre. What can I help you?

M: Yes. I have some problems with English.

W: What are your problems?

M: First, I can’t speak English well.

W: Don’t worry. Why not join a language club to practise speaking English?

M: OK, I’ll try that. Also I can’t understand the teacher when she talks to the class.

W: Listening to more tapes and remembering the words of English songs will help a lot. M: Thank you very much. I’ll try my best to take your advice.

W: You’re welcome.


All American high school students have at least one hobby. A hobby is something that you like to do in your spare time. Many students enjoy playing sports, listening to music, or meeting with friends. Hobbies help them to relax. A lot of students take part in activities after school. The most popular sports are basketball, football and baseball.

Almost all students enjoy making friends and talking with each other. On the weekends friends often go to the movies or watch their friends play sports. The hobby that most parents would like their children to have is reading. Because if the students like reading, they will usually go to the best universities.

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