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一般将来时表示将来某个时间要发生的动作或者存在的状态。通常与表示将来的时间状语连用,如tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next year, next month, next week, in 100 years等。

be going to do (动词原形)结构:表示打算、准备做的事情或者肯定要发生的事情。

如:it is going to rain.

will do 结构表示将来的用法:

1. 表示预见

Do you think it will rain?

you will feel better after a good rest.

2. 表示意图

i will borrow a book from our school library tomorrow.

what will she do tomorrow?



(1)will+主语+do?? will sarah come to visit me next sunday?

(2)there be 结构的一般疑问句:will there + be ??

will there be fewer trees? yes, there will. / no, there won’t

否定句构成:will + not (won’t)+do

sarah won’t come to visit me next sunday.


例:I don’t feel well today. (be better tomorrow)

I’ll be better tomorrow.

1. Gina has six classes today. (have a lot of homework tonight)


2. I’m tired now. (sleep later)


3. My parents need a new car. (buy one soon) _____________________________

4. We can’t leave right now. (leave a little later) _____________________________

5. The weather is awful today. (be better tomorrow) _____________________________

答案:1. She’ll have a lot of homework tonight.

2. I’ll sleep later. 3. They’ll buy one soon.

4. We’ll leave a little later. 5. Maybe it’ll be better tomorrow.


should用来提出建议和忠告,后边加动词原形,否定句直接在should后边加not. 例如:i think you should eat less junk food.


she drives a lot and she seldom walks. so i think she should walk a lot.


students shouldn’t spend too much time playing computer games.



(1)i think you should?

(2)well, you could?

(3)maybe you should ?

(4)why don’t you?

(5)what about doing sth.?

(6)you’d better do sth.



1. i can’t sleep the night before exams.

you ______ take a warm shower before you go to bed.

2. good friends ______ argue each other.

3. there is little milk in the glass. we _______ buy some.

4. they didn’t invite you? maybe you ______ be friendlier.

5. i am a little bit overweight. so i think i _______ do exercises every day. 答案:1. should 2. shouldn’t 3. should 4. should 5. should



1. 构成

was /were + doing,例如:

I was watching TV at 9 o’clock last night at 9 o’clock last night是时间点 They were playing football all afternoon all afternoon是时间段

2. 过去进行时的标志词

at 8 o’clock last night, this time yesterday等。例如:

i was having lunch at home this time yesterday.


At that time she was writing a book.




1. this time yesterday i ____ ______(read)books.

2. at 9 o’clock last sunday they ______ ______(have)a party.

3. when i _____(come)into the classroom, she ________ ______(read)a storybook.

4. she _____ ______(play)computer games while her mother ____ ______(cook)yesterday afternoon.

5. i _____ ______(have)a shower when you _______(call)me yesterday. 答案:答案1. was reading 2. were having 3. came; was reading

4. was playing; was cooking 5. was having; called




(2)要考虑到人称的变化(人称的变化与汉语是一致的) (3)要考虑时态的变化


1. 直接引语变成间接引语时,几个主要时态的变化规律

直接引语 一般现在时 一般过去时 现在进行时

间接引语 过去将来时 一般将来时 过去进行时



1. she said i _____(be)hard-working.

2. peter told me he _____(be)bored yesterday.

3. she said she _____(go)swimming last sunday.

4. bobby said he _____(may)call me later.

5. antonio told me he _____(read)a book then.

答案:1. was 2. was 3. went 4. might 5. was reading


1.I go to the beach every saturday. (tom)

2.I can speak three languages. (lucy)

3.I will call you tomorrow. (mike)

4.I’m having a surprise party for lana. (she)


结构:if+一般现在时,主语+将来时 含义:如果??,将要??

例如:if you ask him, he will help you.


If need be, we’ll work all night.




1. 如果你参加聚会,你将会过得很开心。

if you ________ the party, you __________.

2. 如果明天下雨,我们将不去野餐。

if it __________ tomorrow, we ___________.

3. 如果你经常听英文歌,你将会喜欢英语的。

if you often ________, you _________________.


1. if you go to the party, you will have a good time

2. if it rains tomorrow, we won’t go to the picnic

3. if you often listen to english songs, you’ll like English

二. 选择恰当的答语。

1. What were you doing when the UFO landed? A. Your teacher won’t let you in.

2. Will people use paper money in the future? B. He said I couldn’t stay out late.

3. I can’t sleep, what should I do? C. I was doing my homework.

4. If I wear jeans to school, what will happen? D. No, they won’t. Everyone will

have a credit card.

5. What did your father say? E. You should listen to some relaxing music


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