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Unit 8 Ampification

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Unit 8 Amplification
1. Amplification of Subject 2. Semantic Amplification 3. Expressive Amplification

1. Amplification of Subject
(1) 工作时间不会客。

We see no visitors during work hours.
(2) 批评必须当面,闲谈莫论人非。

When you criticize a person, do it in his face; when you have a chat with someone, don’t
speak ill of others behind them.

(3) 活着就要做一个对人民有用的人。

As long as you live, you should be a man useful
to the people.

(4) 弄不好就会前功尽弃。

If things are not properly handled, our
labour will be totally lost.

(5) 留得青山在,不怕没柴烧。

As long as the green mountains are there,
one need not worry about firewood.

(6) 痛得他直哭。
? ?

It hurt him so badly that he kept crying.
The pain kept him crying.

(7) 少说空话,多办实事。

There must be less empty talk and more hard work.
If you can pardon me, I’ll turn over a new leaf.

(8) 如蒙宽大,一定洗心革面。

(9) 十年树木,百年树人。

It takes ten years to grow trees but a hundred years to rear people.

A. 套用英语祈使句或倒装句
(10) 大处着眼,小处着手。 ? Take the whole into consideration, but do the job bit by bit. ? Keep the general goal in sight and take the daily task in hand. (11) 河边屹立着一片橡树林子。 By the river stands a forest of oaks. (12) 出席的人当中,有总统和总统夫人。 ? Among those present were the President and his wife.

(13) 顶楼的角落里堆放着各式各样的盒子和罐头盒。 ? In the corner of the attic lay a lot of boxes and cans of all sizes and colours. B. 将汉语无主语句的主动结构译成英语的被动结构 (14) 必须保证产品的质量。 The quality of the products must be guaranteed. (15) 看树看果实,看人看作为。 ? A tree is known by its fruit, and a man is known by his actions. (16) 认识落后,才能改变落后。 ? Backwardness must be perceived before it can be changed.

2. Semantic Amplification
(1) 发展才是硬道理。 A. * Development is most important. B. Economic growth is most important. (2) 老老少少会定期聚在一起操练。 ? English learners, old and young, gathered at regular time to practise their spoken English. (3) 代表们的水平保证了代表大会的开好。 ? The political consciousness of the representatives will guarantee the success of the congress.

(4) 谁都知道朝鲜战场是艰苦的。 ? * It is well-known that the Korean battlefield was rather hard. ? It is well-known that life on the Korean battlefield was rather hard. (5) 看粮食,要看中国的农业;看农业,首先要看市 场。《今日中国》 ? * To understand food, we must look at China’s agriculture, and to know the agriculture we must first look at the market. ? To have a better understanding of the food situation in China we must take a full view of her agriculture, and

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