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Unit 1

1 Hello, I’m Gina. N----to meet you . 2 What’s y--- name ?

3.Three and four is s------.

4 Please answer this q---------.

5.L---! What’s that? It’s a key .

6.Smith is my f----- name.

7.What’s your phone n------?

8 This is a girl. H----- name is Alice.

9 ------(he) English name is Tom.

10 ------(I) phone number is 4674491. 11-----(she) pencil case is blue .

12 How -------(be) Mary?

13 I ----(be) Mary.

14 My name -----(be)Alice.

15 His name -----(be) Jenny.

Unit 2

1 This is a boy. H--- name is Jim.

2 How are you? I’m fine ,t----- you.

3What’s it in English ?It’s an e-----.

4 How do you s---- ‘’ key’’? K-E-Y. 5 This is my s--- card..

6 What’s your phone n----? It’s 7378522. 7 Is that your pen in the lost and f---- case? 8 E----me! Is this your pencil ?

9 What’s this in E----? It’s a pen.

10 Is this a w----? Y es,it is.

11 -----(I) name is Mike Smith.

12 What’s -----(YOU) name,please?

13 Alan is his ------(one) name.

14---- that a book?(be)

15 Hello! ----(my) am Tom

Unit 3

1Jeff and Iare good f------.

2My father’s sister is my a----.

3 This is my sister .S---is a student .

4 Jack is Alice’s father. Alice is Jack’s d-----. 5 My mother;s brother is my u-----.

6 T----- for the picture of your family.

7 Your father’s mother and father are your g-----. 8 I’m Emma .This is my brother. I’m her s---.

9. This is a photo of -----(Kate)family.

10 These are our ------(friend).

11. Look, that is a girl .------(SHE) name is Gina. 12 These are my ------(dictionary).

13 -----(these) is a picture.

14 -----(thanks) you for your family photo. 15 Those -------(be) my brother.

Unit 4

1 My bed is in this r----.

2 My b---- is on the desk and my books are in it. 3 Please t--- some books to your brother. 4 The cat is u----- the bed .

5.I n---- a notebook and a pen..

6 W----- the schoolbag? Is it on the bed?

7 Where’s my Chinese book?Sorry, I don’t k-----. 8 Please b----- your pen to me.

9 Some ---(photo) are on the wall.

10 Where –(be) my pen and my alarm clock? 11Some ------(tape0 are on the table.

12 Here -----(be)some CDs for you.

13 You can ------(bring) your compute to me..

14. Are-------(it) baseballs?

15 Please take some hats to -------(you) room.

Unit 5

1 Sonic has a s----- collection.

2 I like math, but sometimes it’s very ---------. 3 That s----- a good idea.

4 I only play v------. It’s interesting.

5 L---- go and play basket, OK?

6 Basketball is b-----. I don’t like it .

7 Tom h--- a nice cat at home.

8 This is an i------ computer game.

9 Are -----(this) your books?

10 -----(let,us) go to school.

11 Jim and I -------(be) friends.

12 I don’t play sports .I only watch ----(they) on TV? 13---- you -----(have) a TV?

14-----Bill------(have) a TV?

15 I have some -----(ball).

Unit 6

1 What does Lily h----- for lunch?

2 I like some f-----, like banans ,pears,apples and so on.

3Lise likes eating v------ because they are good for health.

4 We often eat ice c---- in summer.

5 My sister eats some h----- for breakfast every day.

6 Jack Chan is a very famous movie s----.

7He e---- two eggs for breakfast.

8 Liu Xiang can r---- very fast.

9 These are all----(healthy) food .

10 Kate has four ----(strawberry).

11 My brother ------(not) like tomatoes.

12 The three boys are all-----(run).

13 Let’s ------(watch ) TV.

14Your brother -------(have) milk and eggs for breakfast.

15 Some salad -----(be) on the table.

Unit 7

1 What’s the p----- of the sweater?

2 I don’t like a black shirt .I like a w-----.

3 There is a small shop in our school. It s----- school thing to us. 4 This T-shirt is too long .Can you give me a s---- one?

5 What c------ is your skirt ? It’s blue.

6 Come and see for y----- at Huaxing Store.

7 Five and six is eleven. Five and seven is t-------.

8 How much ----(be ) these socks?

9 ------ your sister ----(like) strawberries?

10 Can you ----(help) me with my English?

11 We are in Class 5,Grade 7. ------(we) English teacher is Miss Green. 12 The ---(shoe) are 13 dollars each pair.

13 Let’s ----_(play) ping-pong together .

14 She likes English .She

Unit 8

1 Jenny was born on May 9th. So her b----- is May 9th.

2 December is the t------ month of a year.

3 A----- comes after July .

4We have English s----- contest in our school every year.

5 What’s you’re a---/? I’m 12 years old .

6 Jay Chou likes m--- very much. He sings very well.

.7 Toly is in Shanghai.He wants to learn C---- in China.

8 O---- is between September and November.

9 March is the ---(three) month of a year.

10 Is September the ---(nine) month in a year?

11 How old are you? I’m twelve -----(year) old.

12 Are ----(that) their books?

13 Mr. Green is --------(Mike) uncle.

14 She is the ----(Five) in the line.

15 Lucy -----(not, like) apples at all.

Unit 9

1 The students don’t go to school on w-------.

2 I like comedies because they are f----.

3 ShaoLin Temple is a very s------ action movie.

4 Beijing Opera is r------ fun. I like it very much.

5 My f------ movie star is Jack Chan.

6 They like Beijing Opera because they can learn about Chinese h------. 7 What k----- of movie do you like?

8 Li Lianjie is a great a ------ movie actor.

9 I think action movies are very ----(excite).

10 It’s a very ---------(success) thriller. I like it very much. 11 He often ---(go) to the movies with his friends.

12 I think (documentary) are very boring

13 We wants to learn about --------(China) history.

14 Thursday is the

(Jack) favorite movie star is Li Lianjie

Unit 12

1 T ------- is the fifth day of a week.

2 W—--comes after Tuesday.

3 Shanghai is a big c------ in China.

4 I have no time to watch TV. I’m very b------.

5 My father works all night .He is very b---- every day .

6. What’s your favorite s------? Math and Chinese.

7 My brother often p----- with a dog .

8 I like English because it is -----(interest).

9Amy -----(not, do) her homework at home.

10 My favorite sport is --------(swim).

13 September is the ------(nine) month of a year .

14 Do you have -----(some) new words ?

15 Sports stars eat ------(good).

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