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Unit6 I’m watching TV. 1.read a newspaper看报纸 2.talk on the phone 在打电话 3.listen to a CD 听CD 4.use the computer 使用电脑 5.make soup 做汤

6.wash/do the dishes洗餐具 7.exercise= play sports 做运动 8. go to the movies 去看电影 9. shop in the supermarket 在超市购物 10.study for a test 为考试而学习

11. What are you doing? -Not much. -你在干什么?-没什么事。

12.-Do you want to join me for dinner? – I’d love to.你想跟我一起吃晚餐吗?我愿意。 13.eat out 外出吃饭

14.What are you doing?你在干什么? I’m swimming in the pool.我在泳池游泳。 15.What’s she doing? 她在干什么? She’s washing her clothes.她在洗衣服。 16. Are they using the computer? –Yes, they are. /No,they aren’t.他们在使用电脑吗?是的,他们在用。/不,他们没在用。 17.Is the man swimming in a river?

Yes, he is. / No, he isn’t. He’s swimming in a pool.那个男的在河里游泳吗? 是的,他是。/不,他不是。他在泳池游泳。 18.He’s living with an American family in New York. 他正在纽约和一个美国家庭住在一起。

19.Zhu Hui’朱辉的家人都在家。

20.Dragon Boat Festival 端午节 21.His dad and uncle are watching the boat races on TV. 他的爸爸和叔叔正在电视上看赛龙舟。

22.the night before the festival节日前晚 23.It’s like any other night. 它像任何其他的



24. The mother is reading a story to her young children. 那个母亲正在给她年轻孩子的读故事。

25.He is talking on the phone to his cousin in Shenzhen.他正在跟深圳的表哥通电话。 26. Zhu Hui misses his family and wishes to have his mom’s delicious zongzi.朱辉思念他的家人,并且想吃到他妈妈做的美味粽子。 wish to do sth 希望做某事


28.There’s still “no place like home ”.千好万好不如自己家好。

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