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Unit 8 Topic 1 Section D

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Unit 8 Our Clothes



Read through Sections A-C carefully and fill in the blanks with the correct words.
Grammar so... that... …so that... such... that...
so much that my father bought it for me. I liked it ____
My old coats are_____ so short that I want to buy some new ones.

I want to buy a windbreaker________ so that I will look great.

such a cool windbreaker _______ It's_______ that you should buy it at once.

Shall we meet at the school gate at 8:00 a.m? right All _________. could you tell me where to buy a scarf ? Excuse me,_________ What size do you take? Size _________ M.

Talk about the pictures and learn some new words.



The tool has 16 kinds of functions.


The policemen are wearing uniforms.


She is in a kimono,maybe she is Japanese.

n.运动服装 They like wearing sportswear,we may think they are active and like doing exercise.

They like wearing yellow or pink clothes,maybe they are lively and easy-going.

Look at the pictures and guess about the people based on what they wear. Then read and check your ideas.

1b Read again and complete the following tasks.
1.What does the passage mainly talk about? A.The history of clothes. B.The functions of clothes. C.The styles of clothes. D.The types of clothes. 2.Which of the following is true? A.People wore the first types of clothes to show fashion. B.Nowadays, clothes not only keep us warm. √ C.Clothes can tell what your names are. D.People almost wear the same kind of clothes now. 3.When we see a woman in a kimono,we might think she is ___________. Japanese 4.If a man always wears sportswear,we may think he is ________________________. active and likes doing exercise 5.If a person always wears yellow clothes,maybe he or she is ___________________. lively and easy-going

Finding key words of the question in the passage can help you to comprehend quickly.

6.Work in groups and discuss the meanings of the following sentences.
1)Clothes can also show people our jobs,our culture,our hobbies and even our moods. 2)You are what you wear.



1. The first types of clothes were made of animal skins. be made of... 由......制成(从表面可看出原材料) be made from... 由......制成(从表面看不出原材料) E.g:这张桌子是由木头制成的。The desk is made of wood. 纸是由木材制成的。Paper is made from wood. 2. People started to wear clothes so that they could protect themselves from the sun, wind, rain and cold. 人们开始穿衣是为了免受日晒、风吹、雨淋和寒冷的 侵袭。 (1)protect 意为“保护,防护”,其后可直接跟名词或代词。 E.g:We should learn to protect ourselves.我们应该学会保护自己。 (2)protect .... from ... 保护· · · · · · 不受· · · · · · 的危害 E.g:我会保护你不受周围一切的伤害。 I

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