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九年英语期末复习U1 U2

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U1汉译英:1.首先,你应该通过记笔记来学英语。 U2.单项选择

______________,you should learn English ______________. 1.---Don't you like playing soccer?---____. I often play it after

2.她发现学英语难,因她在造完整的句子方面有麻烦。 school. A.Yes,I do. B.No,I don't. C.Yes, I don't D.No,I do She found _____________________English because she 2.Chen Hui used to ___ computer games outside on ____________________ sentences. weekends,but now he is used to ___ his homework at home.

3.我通过小组合作来学英语。 A.playing,do B.playing,doing C.play,doing D.play,does _________________________________________________ 3.Our hometown ___ a lot in the last few years.

4.我害怕在课上说英语,因为我认为同学会笑话我。 A.changed B.has changed C.is changing D.changes

I was ________________________ in class because I thought 4.My sister was afraid___ out at night,because she was afraid my classmates might _______________ me. ___ the dark.

5.我们可以通过学会忘记来解决问题。 A.of going, to B.to go,of C.going,of D.to go,to

We can _________________ by ______________________. 5.Mr Li ___ with his wife. But he has ___ alone after his wife’s

6. 如果你不知道怎样读新单词,可以查字典。 death. A.used to live, used to live B.been used to If you don’t know ____________________, you can living,been used to living C.used to live,been used to living ________________ in a dictionary. D.been used to living,used to live.

7. 吴斌被视为“最美司机”。 6.__ great fun playing basketball is! A.What B.What a C.How WuBin is __________________"the most beautiful driver". 7.Thanks for giving me __ help.

8.在老师的帮助下,上学期我得了一个A。 A.so many B.so much C.such many D.such much

I __________________ last term ___________________ . 8.--Do you know ___ the new mobile phone last week? 单项选择 --Maybe 900 yuan. I’m not quite sure.

1. You don’t have to take notes_____I tell you to do so. A.how much she paid B.how much she paid for

A.if B.when C.because D.unless C.how much did she pay D.how much did she pay for

2. I couldn’t_____these new words because I had no 9.His mother looked after him as __ as she ___. A.good,well dictionary.A. look for B. look up C. look after D.look like B.good,could C.well,can D.well,could

3.- I don’t have a friend_______.-Maybe you should join a 10.Something is wrong with my laptop. I’ll get it ____. study group. A.to practice French. B.to practice French with A.repair B.repairing C.to repair D.repaired

C.practice French D.practicing French 11.A low-carbon(低碳)lifestyle has an effect on our daily life.

4.---I find______interesting to fish in the river.--So do I. People are paying more and more __ energy these days.

A.that B.it C.one D.you A.attentions to save B.attention to saving

5.--Do you have any__making a sentence with“science”?-Not at C.attentions to saving D.attention to save

all. A.practice B.help C.worry D.trouble 12.Time lost will never return____.

6.I can’t decide ______. A.which one to choose B.to choose A.no more B.some more C.any more D.no longer

which one C.choose which D.which one 汉译英:1.她过去很怕黑,是吗? 是的,她是。(used to do )

7.The big box is too heavy for me __________. _________________________________________________

A.to carry B.to carry it C.that carry D.that carry it 2. 在最近几年里,我的生活发生了很大变化。

8.My English is very weak. What shall I do? —_______ join My life ____________ a lot__________________________. the English club? A. How about B. Why don’t 3.我过去常常睡懒觉。但现在已经习惯于早起了。

C. Why not D. Let’s _______________________________________________

9.The twins are talking about the book Who Moved My ________________________________________________ Chinese. It’s fun to ____ them. 4.这座城市在过去的几年中发生了翻天覆地的变化。

A. join B. take part in C. join in D. enter Great changes_____________________________________

10.There is _____ in today’s newspaper. I don’t like to read it. 5.我以中国人而自豪._______________________________

A. everything new B. anything new C. nothing new 6.我们必须注意我们曾犯的错误。

11. Ba Jin, one of the greatest writers in China, ___ as _________________________________________________ “People’s Writer”. A. is regarded B. has regarded 7.我过去常害怕在众人面前说话。

C. is regarding D. Regards _________________________________________________

( )12.There is no chair for me _______. 8.我把卧室的灯开着睡觉.

A. to sit B. to sit on C. sit D. sitting on ________________________________________________pul 1

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