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Come on, you can do it !



1.熟读Section C 的新单词。(包括单词读音,意义及词性)

2. 测一测你的速记能力。

[v?’kei?n] pond 假期

[pa:nd] daily 池塘

[n?ub?di] nobody 没有人

[si:kr?t] friendship 秘密

[t??t] vacation 聊天

[net] knowledge 网

[ri’l?ksi?] chat 令人放松的

[‘frend?ip] net 友谊

[’na:lidЗ] secret


[’deili] relaxing 日常的




1. 英汉互译。(这些短语你一定可以从P57—58 找到的哦!)

①在暑假期间 ____________________ ②在业余时间里 ____________________

③保持健康 ____________________ ④ 过去常常做某事____________________

⑤in front of ____________________ ⑥ teach sb. to do sth. _______________ ⑦teach oneself ____________________ ⑧ such as ____________________

⑨dance to music ____________________ ⑩chat on the Net ____________________

2. 能灵活运用短语了吗?试一试,用下列短语造句。

①teach oneself __ ____________________________________________________________ ②teach sb. to do _______________________________________________________________ ③used to do sth _______________________________________________________________ 任务三: 句型预习【难易程度★★★】

1. 忆一忆,如何把陈述句改为一般疑问句?

①He is from England . __________________________________________________________ ②She does her homework at home every day . _________________________________________ ③Kate can dance well . _________________________________________________

④Several hundred people lost their lives in 2003,SARS. _________________________________ ⑤They did their best to win the game. _______________________________________________ 知识拓展:把下列句子也改为一般疑问句吧!

①Lucy used to listen to music . _________________________________________________ ②Mike used to collect stamps . _________________________________________________

③I used to go swimming in the summer vacation . ______________________________________

2. 汉译英。

①你过去常常去游泳吗?_________________________________________________ ②你过去有什么爱好呢?_________________________________________________ 任务四:自我检测,直击考点。【难易程度★★★】


⒈ He’s new here. N__________ knows him.

⒉We can learn a lot of k__________ from the Internet.

3. C__________ stamps is very interesting.

4. The Chinese people are very f___________


( )1. What do you always do ____ your spare time?

A. in B. on C. at

( )2. Did he use to ________ basketball in his spare time?

A playing B play C played

( )3. We often play sports, __________, we play basketball.

A such as B for example C like

( )4. Who taught you to swim? Nobody. I taught ___________ .

A me B I C myself

( )5. The building is now a school. It ____________ a supermarket.

A is B was C used to be

( )6.Tom is sitting ______________ Mary.

A in front B in front of C in the front of

( )7.—What’s your hobby?

—I _______ listen to music, but now I enjoy dancing.

A. am used to B. used to

( )8.His mother taught him _______ and read.

A. write B. writing

C .根据所给单词和短语,完成句子。

1.used to,


2. hobby, stamps


3. in one’s spare time

__________________________________ C. am used C. to write




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