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一、 单项选择

( )1.–What are you up to? – There ________ a lot of work _______ today. A. is; doing B. are; doing C. are; to do D. is; to do ( )2. All of us found _______ difficult to work out the maths problem. A. what B. that C. which D. it ( )3. Do you know _________ A. how can I get to the library? B. Why didn’t the go there? C. what the teacher said? D. who is she? ( )4. If it _______ rain tomorrow, he will go for a picnic. A. won’t B. doesn’t C. isn’t D. will ( )5. He is from China, and now he is an NBA star.Can you guess ______? A. who is he B. who he is C. what is he D. what he is ( )6. There are many shops on ________ side of the street. A. both B. every C. each D. each of ( )7. The teacher often warns the children _______ football in the street. A. to play B. not play C. don't’ play D. not to play ( )8.—Please ______ at six o’clock tomorrow morning, mum. ---OK. A. wake me up B. wake up me C. look me down D. look down me ( )9.She read a book last week, _______? A. did she B. doesn’t she C. does she D. didn’t she ( )10. Li Lei can hardly see it clearly, _________? A. can’t he B. can he C. could he D. couldn’t he ( )11. –What did the teacher say just now? ---He asked me _______ this morning. A. where did Tom go B. when has Tom finished his work C. why was Tom late for school D. how Tom did the work ( )12. – Is your mother badly ill? –No, ______. She’s just caught a cold. A. nothing serious B. serious nothing C. anything serious D. serious anything ( )13. –If you have _________ off, what are you going to do? --- I’m going to visit my grandparents. They live in another city. A. seven day B. seven days C. seven days’ D. seven – day ( )14. –Do you think it is a good idea to visit Beijing on a rainy day? -- _________ I prefer a fine day. A. I like that B. I don’t think so. C. Why not? D. I agree with you ( )15. There aren’t any vegetables in the fridge, are there? ---____ . Let’s buy some. A. Yes, there are. B. No, there aren’t C. Yes, there is D. No, there isn’t ( )16. She will have a holiday as soon as she _______ the work next week. A. finishes B. doesn’t finish C. will finish D. won’t finish ( )17. –How do you know that she likes singing? --- I often hear her ___ in the morming. A. to sing B. sang C. sings D. sing ( )18. I suggested that Li Ming _______ to the meeting instead. A. go B. going C. went D. goes ( )19. The doctor told him ______ this meidicine twice a day. A. to eat B. to have C. to drink D. to take ( )20. If you ________ up, you’ll be late. A. hurry B. will hurry C. won’t hurry D. don’t hurry ( )21. If it _________ tomorrow, come to my party. A. won’t rain B. rains C. doesn't rain D. will rain ( )22. Martin refused _______ the matter with us. A. discussing B. discuss C. to discuss D. discussed ( )23. The teacher punished her student _______ in the exam. A. to cheat B. for cheating C. cheat D. cheating ( )24. Guilin is ________ city. A. such a beautiful B. a such beautiful C. such beautiful D. beautiful ( )25. I’ll read newspaper instead of _________ TV. A. to watch B. watching C. watch D. see ( )26. I’m sure our football team will _______ the team from No. 3 Middle School. A. win B. fail C. lose D. beat ( )27.The little boy ________ his seat to the old lady on the crowed bus. A. brought B. offered C. lent D. took ( )28. If the traffic light is red, you __________cross the road. It’s very dangerous. A. don’t B. mustn’t C. needn’t D. wouldn’t ( )29. I’m here to warn you ________you have a chance. A. about B. that C. because D. for ( )30. _________of the family has a car.

1 2014年外研版八年级英语易错题专练

A. Everyone B. Every one C. Everybody D. Every body ( )31. It’s 2 o’clock in the morning, but he is still ________ doing his homework. A. awake B.wake C. working ( )32.He was too ________. when he went to bed, he fell ______ at once. A. sleepy; asleep B. sleepy; sleepy C. asleep; sleepy ( )33.There _______ a lot of traffic in the street this morning, so I was late for work. A. is B. are C. was D. am ( )34. He ______ English when he was very young. A. teach himself B. taught himself C. teached himself D. taught him ( )35. We can’t _______ the river without a bridge or a boat. A. go B. cross C. through D. across ( )36. Work hard and you will be ___________. A. success B. successfully C. successful D. succeed ( )37. Listen! I can hear someone _________ your name? A. calling B. calls C. to call D. called ( )38. The children are making too much _______ here. A. voice B. noise C. noisy D. sounds ( )39. My legs were so weak that I could __________ stand. A. hard B. hardly C./ D. get ( )40. He _______his left arm in the accident last week. A. hurt B. hurted C. hurts D. was hurting ( )41. ________ you to get good marks in the English exam. A. Wish B. Wishes C. Hope D. Hopes ( )42.She asked me __________. A. what is the matter B. what was the matter C. what the matter is D. what the matter was. ( )43. He made a _______ to go to Beijing tomorrow. A. plan B. decide C. interview D. list ( )44. He promised _______ play computer games again. A. don’t B. not to C. doesn’t D. to not ( )45. Everyone except Tom and Jim _______ going to visit some friends in Shangdang Province. A. is B. are C. am D. be ( )46. I heard the student counting _______ from 10, 9… A. back B. down C. up D. forward ( )47. We will have to operate _______ his eyess. A. to B. for C. on D. in ( )48. I went shopping ________the rain. A. because B. although C. in spite of D. so ( )49. He work hard _______ he could go to Beijing University. A. because B.so that C. why D. although ( )50. Norman Bethune was a great man who gave his life to ________ the Chinese people. A. help B. helping C. helps D.helped ( )51. He was _______ in the traffic accidient. A. injure B. injuring C. injured D. injurns ( )52. It is very brave _______ her to save the child in the lake. A. at B. of C. in D. for ( )53. We are too tird. Let’s stop ________ a drink. A. having B. to have C. have D. to having ( )54. Did you go to school without ________breakfast this morning? A. have B. having C. has D. had ( )55. Annie can play this piece of music _________. A. in her own B. by her own C. on her own D. with her own ( )56. He looks forward to ________ to Tibet. A. going B. go C. goes D. went ( )57. –I am surprised at his good knowledge of computers. – Yes, _________. A. so am I B. so I am C. so he was D. so do I ( )58. – Tom doesn’t like maths at all. --___________. A. So do I B. So I do C. Neither do I D. Nor I do ( )59.His English was _________ to pass the TOEFEL. A. enough good B. good enough C. too good D.good so ( )60.Don’t forget to _________ with us after you leave here. A. stay in touch B. stay in touching C. touch D. keep touch ( )61. I don’t go to bed _________my parents got hom yesterday evening. A. after B. until C. so D. before ( )62. _______it was late, _________ some students are still sitting in the classroom. A. Although; but B. Although; / C. / ; but D. Because; so


( )63. When I was doing my homework, the telephone _________. A. rang B. ranged C. ringing C. is ringign ( )64. She looks _______ she were ten years younger. A. like B. that C. as D. as if ( )65. As we know, Lucy is _______ honest girl. A. a B. an C. the D./


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