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unit 2 一本通

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Unit 2 Travelling around the world

Key words

1 France 2 French 3 flag

4 wine 5 tick 6 possible 7 Europe 8 store 9 excellent 10 south 11 lie 12 coast 13 perfect 14 prefer 15 ski 16 tower 17 finish 18 lift 19 step 20 stairs 21 receiver 22 date 23 greeting 24 address 25 vineyard

Key phrases

1 be famous for 2 department store 3 prefer to 4 go down the stairs 5 go sightseeing 6 why not do sth 7 go on holiday 8 enjoy doing sth

9 be different from 10 prefer doing A to doing B Key language points

1 It is a country with many beautiful places.

A with 有,与。。。一起

China is a country with long history.

I often go shopping with my mother.

2 France is very famous for its wine,

be famous for 以。。而闻名

be famous as 作为。。而闻名

Yao Ming is famous as a basketball player

3If you prefer to visit France in winter…

Prefer to do 更喜欢做。。。

I prefer to stay at home if it rains

He prefers singing to dancing.

4 Why not visit France this year?

Why not do sth 为什么不做某事

Why not help the poor man?

5 The south of France lies on the coast.

lie 位于,躺(lay, lain, lying)

说谎(lied, lied, lying)

放置,下蛋(lay, laid, laid, lying)

Shenzhen lies in the south of China.

You are lying again. I can’t believe you.

Please lay the books on the desk.

6 It is very different from the building.

different from =not the same as

7 Kelly enjoys skiing in winter.

enjoy doing

He enjoys listening to music in his spare time.

8 I want to be a teacher in the future.

in the future 将来


( A is well-known for B is very popular as C knows D is possible for

( A dislike…and B like…but C like…better than D dislike…than

( A how about do B what about doing C let’s to do D let’s doing

( A as…as B so….as C different for D different from

( A like B don’t like C look like D are like

( ) 6 Is this____ old tower? Yes, ____ tower was made of stone.

A the, the B an, the C /, A D the, /

( ) 7 France is famous____ its wine

A for B as C to D in

( ) 8 The manager____ each of its workers ____ a computer to work in the office.

A made, of B provide, with C offered, for D gave, to

( ) 9 Beijing is___ the most beautiful ___

A one, cities B one, city C one of, cities D one of, city

( ) 10 What do you plan____ next Sunday? I want___ skiing with my friends.

A to do, going B doing, to go C doing, going D to do , to go

( ) 11 It’s time for class.___ the students in, please.

A calls B calling C called D call

( ) 12 We have no school today. Why not___ swimming this afternoon?

A go B to go C going D went

( ) 13 The girl ____ long hair is vey beautiful.

A to B for C as D with

( ) 14 ___ is important for us to learn English well.

A it B he C that D this

( ) 15 ___. Walking along the street and take the third turning on the left.

A how can I get to the bookshop.

B can you see the bookshop?

C How far is the bookshop from here?

D What kind of books can I buy in the bookshop?

( ) 16 Jack likes playing ____ basketball, but he doesn’t like playing ___ guitar.

A a, a B the, the C the,/ D /, the

( ) 17 I will come back___ ten minutes.

A after B in C for D before

( ) 18 Lily, you are late again. Sorry, I ___ next time.

A don’t B won’t C shan’t D am not going to

( ) 19 I prefer___ to school.

A to walk B walk C walking D walked

( ) 20 Which of the following is true?

A I prefer to walk school B The city lies on the south.

C You may take a lift to the fifteenth floor D He can speak France.


Mrs Black was waiting____ an important___, but she had____ food in the house. So she left her little baby at home and said to her five-year-old son. “I am going to the shop, Jimmy, and I will ___in a few minutes.”

When she was____, the telephone rang, and Jimmy answered, “hello,” said a man. “Is your mother there?” “No,” Jimmy answered, “well, when she comes back, tell her that Mr Baker telephoned.” “What?” “Mr Baker. Write it___.” “I can’t write.” “Little boy, is there anyone else ___ you?” any brothers or sisters?” “My brother Billy is here.” “ Good! I want to talk to him, please.” “All right.” Jimmy took the ___ to the baby’s bed and gave it to Billy.

When their mother came back, she asked, “Did ____ telephone?” “Yes,” said Jimmy, “a man only wants to talk to ___.”

( ) 1 A at B for C in D to

( ) 2 A telephone call B bus C man D woman

( ) 3 A some B no C and D not

( ) 4 A back B to back C be back D to be back

( ) 5 A home B in C out D back

( ) 6 A up B down C away D out

( ) 7 A with B and C / D or

( ) 8 A read B pen C paper D telephone

( ) 9 A someone B anyone C somebody D no one

( ) 10 A me B Billy C Jimmy D you 选单词完成句子

A France B wine C are going sightseeing D excellent

E prefer F French

A What can I do for you, sir?

B I would like some___

A Well, we have all kinds of it, do you want it made in___ or in the UK?

B I ____it in the UK

A OK, it is also ____, I think, how many bottles do you want?

B Five, how much is it?

A Twenty-five dollars. By the way, you ____ here? If so, we will send them to your hotel.

B That’s good. Here is my address. Thank you.

A You are welcome.


A What’s up?

B I think you have caught a bad cold.

C I will give you some medicine, and you will be fine in a few days.

D Thank you very much

E How long have you been like this?

F What do you feel like doing?

G When do you have it?

A _____

B I’ve got a fever and a headache.

A ______

B Since last Friday

A _____

B What should I do?

A _______

B _________

A You are welcome.


1 Can you speak_______(France)?

2 We prefer_______(ski) outside in winter.

3 There are a lot of________(place) of interest in China.

4 They finished the work________(perfect) on time.

5 Why not_______(take) a lift to Eiffel Tower?

6 If I have time, I would like________(go) sightseeing all over the world. 7 I still remember the________(date) 25 Dec, and 1 Jan.-happy days. 8 Listen! Someone_____(run) upstairs.

9 The small city_______(lie) in the south of Europe.

10 She draws some________(excellent) pictures.

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