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(考试时间:80分钟, 满分:100分)

Part I 听力部分(20分)

一、 听短对话,选择正确答案。每段对话读两遍。(5分) ( ) 1.What does Sally have for dinner?

A. Salad B. Eggs C. Chicken ( ) 2. How much are the bananas?

A. $4 B. $5 C. $7 ( ) 3.What color are the shoes for $20?

A. Blue B. Brown C. Black ( ) 4. Where are they?

A. At home B. In the school. C. In a store.

( ) 5.Who likes vegetables and fruit?

A. Jack B. Sue C. Cindy 二、听长对话,选择正确答案。每段对话读两遍。(5分) 听第一段对话,完成第6至7题。 ( ) 6. What is the boy’s name?

A. Nick B. Jack C. Tom ( ) 7. What color is Mary’s skirt?

A. yellow B. blue C. red

听第二段对话,完成第8至10题。 ( )8.________ birthday is next week? A. Dale’s B. David’s C. Peter’s ( )9. What food does Peter like eating? A. Chicken B. Salad C. Eggs ( )10. What fruit does Peter like?

A. Pears B. Strawberries C. Apples 三、听短文,选择正确答案。短文读两遍。(5分) ( ) 11. What do Mike, Bob and Peter do after school? A. They play soccer. B. They play computer games. C. They watch TV.

( ) 12. How old is Bob?

A. He is twelve. B. He is thirteen. C. He is fourteen.

( ) 13. How many dogs do Mike, Bob and Peter have? A. Three B. Four C. Five ( ) 14. What color is Peter’s dog?

A. Black B. White C. Brown ( ) 15. What’s on the brown bag? A. A hat. B. A ruler. C. A book.


16. Alice and Jane are____________. 17. For ____________, Bob likes fruit.

18. Jane loves eating eggs,_______________. 19. Alice and Bob like_____________.

20. Bob, Alice and Jane all think ice-cream is not _____________

Part II笔试部分(80分)


( ) 21. Please bring some pens ______ your school. A. for B. to C. in D. at ( ) 21.Here _______ my parents. A. are B. is C. do D. does

( )23.—Is this your bike?

—No, . It’s bike.

A. this isn’t , Li Lei’s B. this is, Li Lei’s C. it isn’t , Li Lei’s

( )24. –What do you eat in the morning? --_____ apple and ______ bread.

A. Some; some B. An; some C. An; a D. Some; a ( )25. Basketball plays usually eat ______.

A. good. B. fine. C. nice. D. well

( )26. This pair of shoes ____ very nice, but its price ____ too high. A. is; is B. is; are C. are; is D. are; are ( )27. Jim ____ his pencil box. Can you help him? A. lost B. found C. lose D. find

( )28. Let’s ____________ volleyball. That _________ good. A. playing, is B. play, sounds C. play, is sound

( )29. Katrina often has French _______, tomatoes, chicken__________ dinner.

A. fry, for B. fries, for C. frys, at ( ) 30. —Is that boy your brother? --__________. A. Yes, he is. B. No, he doesn’t. C. Yes, it is. D. No, that’s not.



I am Wang Qiang, There are ___people in my family. My grandfather is seventy____ old and my grandmother is sixty-nine. My father likes sports. My mother _____watching TV, and I like ____basketball.

My grandfather’s birthday is New Year’s Day______. My grandmother’s birthday is on _______. November 15th is my father’s birthday and December 20th is _____.When is my birthday? My birthday is on June 1st! It’s _____. Every Sunday we have a family party and every ____we have a trip. I have a ___family.

31. ( ) A. three B. four C. five. 32. ( ) A. year B. years. C. months 33. ( ) A. likes B. like C. likes to 34. ( ) A. play B. plays C. playing 35. ( ) A. January 1st B. February 2nd

C. March 8th

36. ( ) A. February B. February 30th

C. February 14th

37. ( ) A. my mother B. my mother’s birthday

C. my birthday

38. ( ) A. fun B. old C. red

39. ( ) A. day B. month C. morning 40. ( ) A. big B . small C. happy


Hello, my __41__ is Alan. I am 13__42___old. My birthday is on __43___1st. I have a friend. ___44__ name is Alice. Look! __45__is her room. It’s tidy. Her __46__are in the bookcase. And the baseball is __47__ the table. She __48__a beautiful watch. It’s a gift that her mother give her on her birthday. It’s eight __49__.She likes it very much. I want __50__ a watch , too.

41._______42._______43.______44._______45._______ 46._______47._______48.______49.______ 50._______

七、阅读理解 (30分)


One day, Tom, Jim and Frank go to a big store. There are lots of shoes in all colors. They are from other countries.

―Oh, look at those three pairs of shoes!‖ Tom says, ―I like this pair. I like red. ‖

―How much is it?‖ Jim asks.

―£18(18英镑). That pair of white shoes is $18. Do you like them, Jim?‖ Jim says, ―Yes. I’ll take them. What about you, Frank?‖

―This pair of black shoes is very good. They’re only ¥18. I’ll take them, ‖ Frank says.

―I want the most expensive pair! That red pair! It’s from England!‖ Tom shouts(喊), ―I have 100 yuan! It’s enough!‖ 根据短文内容,选择最佳答案。

( )51. Tom, Jim and Frank go to a big store to buy ______.

A. socks B. shoes C. clothes

( )52. Tom wants to buy the ______ shoes.

A. red B. white C. black

( )53. Jim wants to buy the shoes for ______.

A. £18 B. ¥18 C. $18

( )54. The most expensive pair of shoes is from ______.

A. England B. America C. China

( )55. Does Tom have enough money to buy the red shoes? A. Yes, he does. B. No, he doesn’t. C. We don’t know.


This is Joy’s room, It’s a big room. There are some pictures on the wall. There’s a desk and a chair in her room. The desk is near the window. Her bag and her pencil case are on the desk .There are some pencils, a pen, a ruler in the pencil case. Joy’s bed is near the desk, Her shoes and a ball are under the bed. Joy and her friend, Kate are often in the room. They like the room very much.

( ) 56. Joy’s room is.

A. small B. big C. old ( ) 57. A.A desk and some chairs B. Some desks and chairs C.A desk and a chair

( ) 58. Joy’s pencil case isA. on the desk B. near the window C. under the bed ( A. near the desk B. on the desk C. under the desk ( ) 60. A. Kate’s B. Joy’s C. Joy and Kate’s


We all know a healthy lifestyle(生活方式)is important to us. Here are three students’ lifestyles. ___61____

Peter is very fat because he always eats a lot. ____62_____ For dinner, he usually has three hamburgers and some ice-cream. He does sports only for two hours a week.

Eric doesn’t eat a lot every day. ___63____ His breakfast is only an egg and he eats salad for lunch. He usually has some vegetables and milk for dinner.____64____

Zhang Yang is a Chinese boy and his English name is Jack. He gets up early every morning. ____65____ He also likes playing basketball and he plays it every day after school. He looks healthy. He likes to eat rice with some vegetables and chicken for lunch. He has milk every day and he doesn’t eat hamburgers.

Now, what’s your answer? A. That’s why he isn’t fat.

B. Who do you think has the healthiest(最健康的lifestyle?

C. And then he goes running for an hour.

D. Every day, he has a big breakfast and lunch.

E. It’s important for us to have healthy eating habits.

F. He doesn’t eat ice-cream because he thinks it isn’t good for his health. G. She is the healthiest girl in her class.

61.______. 62. ______63. ______64. ______. 65.______.


画线提问) _______ ________ your birthday?

67. My grandmother is seventy years old. (画线提问) ______ _______ is _______grandmother? _______ _______ sweaters do you sell? 69.Tim has a gold watch. (变为一般疑问句)

________________________________________ 70.These old bikes are under the tree. (变为单数句)


九、书面表达. (10分).

请根据下列价格为Mrs Smith的服装店制作一则广告。 要求:(1)包括下列短语:廉价出售,价格合理,欢迎前来为自己选购,所有颜色都有

Mrs. Smith’s Clothing Sale



参考答案:一、听力:1---15 BCBBAACCACCCCAC

16. France 17. 14 18.singing 19.music 20.difficult 二、21---40 ABCAACBDCB CCADBCACBA 三、41---50 BBCADCABBC

51.up 52.takes 53.teeth 54.has 55.at 56.plays 57.does 58.does not

59.watches 60.goes

四、61---80 BCACDDACDDCACBCABEDC 81.well 82.musician 83.sing 84.am 85.quickly

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