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八下UNIT 8--2

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Hu Qunying

Have you heard of my name yet? I have already known you. Your English teacher has already told me that …. You have already read many books. What books have you read?


One is Robinson Crusoe,

the other is Tom Sawyer

《鲁滨逊漂流记》 (Robinson Crusoe, 1979) 是英国小说家丹尼尔· 笛福 (Daniel Defoe, 1660—1731) 的代表作,故事取材于英 格兰水手赛尔科克被弃荒 岛数年的经历,描写了主 人公鲁滨逊在荒岛上生活 二十八年的经历,歌颂了 劳动,礼赞了人对自然的 斗争。


you know the beginning of the story? Robinson’s ship got broken in the sea. He lost everything and arrived on an island without anything.



long did he live on the island ?

He lived there for 28 years . He tried his best to live on the island by himself.

happened to him at last ? Another ship came by, and Robinson returned to England .


Match the paragraphs Fast reading and the ideas.

Robinson saved a man. Paragraph 1.

Paragraph 2. Robinson tried to live on the island by himself.

Read paragraph 1 and try to answer

What did Robinson do to try to live on the island?

He ran towards the ship and brought back many things.

He made a boat.

He cut down trees and built a house.

He learnt to grow fruit and vegetables.


He used the gun to kill animals and birds for food.

Read paragraph 2 and fill in the blanks according to the pictures.

sand mark

Robinson found the of another man’s feet on the


One Friday , he saw some cannibalstrying to kill two men One died, but the other ran towards him. So he killed cannibals and saved him.

Robinson named him Friday and taught him English. From then on, Friday lived with him and helped him.

3bFind words that have these meanings. guns 1. You can use these to shoot things: _____
2. Something you use to travel in the sea: ship _____ 3. A piece of land in the middle of the sea: island ______ knives 4. You can use these to cut things: ______ 5. Signs left behind by someone or something: ______ marks


Correct the sentences.

1. Robinson Crusoe arrived on the

nothingfood and drink. island with enough Robinson 2. Friday made a small boat. Crusoe 3. Robinson had some food and tools nothing when he first arrived on the island. 4. Robinson used the ship toto build aa cut down trees build house.

5. Friday

saw some marks of another man’s feet on the beach. Robinson Crusoe

6. Robinson tried to kill the two men.

Some cannibals

What do you think of Robinson? He never gives up and keeps trying to live on the island. He is also kind’-’-he saves Friday and teaches him English.

He learnt to grow fruit and vegetables.

Robinson taught Friday some English.

Read the passage and answer the following questions. 1. What does Robinson Crusoe wait for? Another ship. 2. Why does Robinson Crusoe call the man Friday? Because that was the day he met the man.

Skimming (略读法)

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