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A.so;that B.such; that C.so;\ D.such;\

( )21.All living things _____ the sun for their growth.

A.depend of B.fill with C.full of D.depend on

( )22.If I learn how to swim, I ____ swim sooner or later.

A.will can B.will be able to C.am able to D.will able to

( )23.______ he is very young,_____ he knows much.

A.Although;but B.Although;\

C.\;because D.As;\

( )24.He is afraid of ______ planes, so he will go to Beijing by_____.

A.take;train B.by;ship C.catch;car D.taking;train

( )25.—I’d love to go to Italy.--______.

A.So do I B.So am I C.Neither am I D.So would I

( )26.We went to the train station and saw our friends______.

A.on B.out C.off D.over

( )27.Daming is a _____ boy.

A.sixteen year old B.sixteen years old

C.sixteen-years-old D.sixteen-year-old

( )28._______ Mr Smith didn’t feel well, he still come to give us lessons.

A.So B.Because C.Though D.As

( )29._______ students of Middle school, we must work harder than before.

A.As B.Because C.For D.So

( )30.—I’d love to go to Italy.--______.

A.So do I B.So am I C.Neither am I D.So would I


1. Her dad didn’t buy her a nice car. (同义句)

Her dad a nice car 2. The film interested us all. (同义句)

We the film.

3.When does the train leave?I want to know.(改为含宾语从句的复合句) I want to know _________ the train _________ .

4.They went home after they had finished their homework.(用not...until改写) They _________ go home _________ they had finished their homework.

5.He came to the meeting though he was ill. (同义句)

He came to the meeting________ _________ _________ his illness.

6.I didn’t go to school yesterday because I was ill. (同义句)

I was ill ,_______ I didn’t go to school yesterday.

7.My brother is too young to go to school. (同义句)

My brother is ________ ________ _________ he can’t go to school.

8.Jim can’t decide what he should do next. (同义句)

Jim can’t decide _______ _____ _______ next.

9.The train had left .I got to the station.(用改为when复合句)

The train had left_______ I ______ to the station.

______ Mr.Brown ________ ill?



I can do it ________ ________ __________.


I _____ _________ _______ __________ the coming of Beijing Olympic Games.


this month, we will have a test.


the book ?



We _________ _________ he _________ do that.


My father always says that I don’t _______ _________ ____________.


_______ ________ ________-, many teenagers ________ ________ ________ ______ their parents


Girls usually can’t run ________ _______ _________ boys.


Now_________ _________ _________ students can ________ _________ ______ after senior high school.


He won’t ________ ________ others to _______ _________ ________.


We ________ _________ _________ an improvement in the weather.


_______ you want to know the reason ,ask him________ ________ __________


I still _________ _______ __________ with my former classmates.


The police ________ the children ________ __________ play on the street.


In our country every school has a library. I’m _1_ you have read many books. You borrow them from the school library and keep them for _2_. Maybe you _3_ borrow books from other libraries, or you get books from your parents or friends_4_. If you like reading and want _5_, you may often go to bookshops and buy some for yourself.

Have you _6_ thought of how people make a book? Different people must check it several times _7_ it comes out. After _8_ finishes reading a book, the book passes through the hands of many other people. Everyone in the library has to wok very carefully because _9_ must not be any mistake in it. Many people are busy _10_ it. They print it on good paper and put the pieces together before it does to the bookshop.

We all like reading. Let’s take good care of books.

( )1. A. sorry B. sure C. thinking D. saying

( )2. A. some time B. some times C. sometime D. sometimes

( )3. A. too B. also C. either D. neither

( )4.A. for a present B. as a present

C. for presents D. as presents

( )5. A. learning many more B. to learn many more

C. learning more D. to learn more

( )6.A. just B. already C. ever D. even

( )7. A. though B. since C. before D. after

( )8. A. someone B. anyone C. everyone D. no one

( )9. A. that B. this C. it D. there

( )10.A. working on B. to work on

C. going on D. to go on


A.Visionhone-p (可视电话)

Radio, telephone and television are widely used in the world. When you switch on the radio, you can listen. But when you use telephone, not only can you listen to others but also you can chat with them, however, you can’t see anything at all. Television is much better than both of them. People can watch TV and listen to it, but they can’t take part in what they see.

Today, Some people are using a type of telephone called Vision-phone. With it two people who are talking can see each other.

Vision-phones can be of great use when you have something to show the person whom you are calling. It may also have other uses in the future .Some day you may be able to call up a library and ask to read a book right over your Vision-phone. You may be able to do the shopping through it, too. Perhaps in the near future, Vision-phone will come into wide use in our everyday life.

( ) 1.According to the passage, we can guess that the _________ was invented last.

A. radio B. television C. telephone D. Vision-phone

( ) 2.Maybe the vision-phone can take the place of _________ some day.

A. the radio B. the telephone C. the television D. all the above

( ) 3.Through a Vision-phone we can _________.

A. take medicine B. order what we need

C. travel around the world D. try on clothes

( ) 4.In the future, you can use a Vision-phone to __________.

A. read a book

B. ask an assistant to read a book for you

C. ask an assistant to bring you a book

D. ask an assistant to do some shopping for you

( ) 5. Which of the following is not true?

A. Vision-phone is more advanced than radio, telephone or television

B. People will use Vision-phone in the future more than now

C. Vision-phone will be helpful in people’s life

D. It is impossible to do shopping through Vision-phone


Skin-diving(潜泳) is a new sport today. This sport take you into a wonderful new world. It is like a visit to the moon! When you are under water, it is easy for you to climb big rocks, because you are on longer heavy.

Here, under water, everything is blue and green. During the day, there is plenty of light.When fish swims nearby, you can catch them with your hands.

When you have tanks(罐) of air on your back, you can stay in deep water for a long time. But you must be careful when you dive in deep water.

To catch fish is one of the most interesting parts of this sport. Besides, there are more uses for Skin-diving. You can clean ships without taking them out of the water. You can get many things from the deep sea.

Now you can see that Skin-diving is both useful and interesting.

( ) 1. Skin-diving can take you to _________.

A. an exciting world B. a new world

C. a beautiful world C. an interesting and new world

( ) 2. This sport _________.

A. is like to travel on the moon B. is like to play in water

C. is like to visit a new country D. is like to climb a big rock

( ) 3. You can stay in deep water for a long time because __________.

A. you can swim B. you can take tanks of air with you

C. you can bring something to eat D.you can skin diving

( ) 4. Which of the following statements is NOT true ?

A. Skin-diving is a new sport.

B. Skin-diving is like visiting the moon

C. The only use of skin-diving is to have more fun.

D. Skin-diving is not only interesting but useful.

( ) 5. Skin-diving is a useful and interesting sport because __________.

A. you can catch fish with your hands

B. you can clean the ship in the water

C. you can get many things from the deep sea

D. all of the above

C A little boy was playing with a ball in the street. He kicked the hard and it broke the window of a house and fell inside. A lady came to the window with the ball and shouted at the boy, so he ran away, but he still wanted his ball back. A few minutes later he returned and knocked at the door of the house, and when the lady answered it, he said, “My father is going to fix your window very soon.”

After a few minutes a man came to the door with tools in his hand, so the lady let the boy have the door back. Quickly he ran away with the ball. When the man finished the window, he said to the lady, “That will cost you ten dollars.” “But aren’t you the father of that little boy?” the woman asked, looking very surprised. “No,” he answered, also looking surprised. “Aren’t you his mother?”


( ) 1. The little boy broke the window of the man’s house.

( ) 2. The boy ran away because he wanted to look for his father.

( ) 3. The lady was very angry with the little boy.

( ) 4. The lady gave the ball back to the little boy because his father had repaired her window.

( ) 5. The man thought that the lady must be the boy’s mother.

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