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We were going to play a team from a country school. They didn’t come ___ the game time arrived. They looked __ than we had thought. They were wearing ____ blue jeans(牛仔裤) and looked like poor farm boys. We even thought that they had never seen a ___ before.

We all sat down. We felt that we didn’t ____ any practice against a team like that. It was already so late that no ____ could be given to them for a warm-up(热身). The game began. One of our boys ____ the ball and shot a long pass to our forward(前锋). Suddenly a boy in a dirty T-shirt ___ the ball and with a beautiful form(姿势) he shot and got two scores. They ____ us. Then they got another pair of scores in a minute.

Soon it was all over. The country team ____ us.

We certainly learned that even though(即使) a team is good, there is usually another team just a little _____. But the important lesson we learned was: Once can’t tell(判断) a man or a team by the _____.

( ) 1. A. when B. after C. and D. until ( ) 2. A. worse B. better C. stranger D. younger ( ) 3. A. clean B. dirty C. fine D. nice

( ) 4. A. basketball B. football C. volleyball D. tennis ball ( ) 5. A. get B. use C. need D. try ( ) 6. A. place B. time C. use D. ball ( ) 7. A. got B. missed C. brought D. kept ( ) 8. A. changed B. caught C. started D. threw ( ) 9. A. pleased B. broke C. hit D. surprised ( ) 10. A. won B. lost C. beat D. saved ( ) 11. A. well B. better C. bad D. worse ( ) 12. A. T-shirt B. places C. jeans D. clothes


It is very important to get lots of exercises. I like exercises and especially enjoy _____ very much. Last summer, I went to the beach every day. I plan to go there this summer, too, but I am not ____ to.

I have a new job. Sometimes I have to work ____ late at night. I now work more hours than I _____ before, however, I can receive a larger salary(薪水). To tell the truth, I like the new job, but it has really taken up so much of my spare(业余) time. I ____ doing more exercises to spending money.

Riding a bike is a good exercise. Maybe I will save enough____ to buy a new bike. My neighbour, Mrs. Wilson, has a bike that she can ____ to me, but I would


rather use my own bike. If I use ____, I would worry about damaging(毁坏) it. It is really a good ___ to get a new bike. I think while I am riding____ work, I will be getting exercises ____. It is easier to get to the beach by bike, too. I might be able to go swimming after all. This new job is great! I am very ____. This will be a summer full of happiness.

( ) 1. A. running B. boating C. swimming D. skating ( ) 2. A. willing B. able C. glad D. pleased ( ) 3. A. until B. after C. through D. to ( ) 4. A. decided to B. planned to C. did D. got to ( ) 5. A. try B. hope C. like D. prefer ( ) 6. A. time B. jobs C. things D. money ( ) 7. A. lend B. borrow C. buy D. use

( ) 8. A. mine B. hers C. a new one D. the other’s ( ) 9. A. hope B. information C. idea D. matter ( ) 10. A. to B. from C. to and from D. without ( ) 11. A. once more B. at the same time C. now and then D. from now on ( ) 12. A. excited B. worried C. unhappy D. moved


A young father was visiting an older neighbor (邻居). They were standing in the older man’s garden and talking about ______. The young man said, “How strict(严格的) should ____ be with their children?”

The older man pointed to a cotton ______ between a big, strong tree and a thin, young one.

“ Please ____ that line,” he said. The young man untied it, and the ___ bent(弯曲) over to one side.

“ Now ____ it again, please,” said the older man. “Pull the line tight(紧) so that the young tree is ____ again.”

The young man ____ this. Then the older man said, “It is the ____ with children. You must be strict with them, but sometimes you must untie the line to see how they are getting on. If they are not yet able to ____, you must tie the line tight again. But when you find that they are ready to stand alone, you can take the line away.”

( ) 1. A. trees B. flowers C. children D. old people ( ) 2. A. we B. you C. grandparents D. parents ( ) 3. A. flower B. basket C. garden D. line ( ) 4. A. look at B. untie C. come to D. pick up ( ) 5. A. young man B. old man C. young tree D. big tree ( ) 6. A. do B. see C. tie D. untie ( ) 7. A. straight B. up C. down D. through ( ) 8. A. learned B. did C. heard D. saw

( ) 9. A. same B. different C. useful D. whole ( ) 10. A. be alive B. stand alone C. get out D. grow up


A professor told his students to go into the city slums(贫民窟) to study the life of 200 boys. He asked them to ____ reports(报告) about each boy’s life and future. Most of the students wrote, “He doesn’t have any hope.”

Twenty-five years _____, another professor read about the earlier reports. He told his students to ___ what happened to the boys. They tried very hard and found that 176 of the boys had become successful ___ doctors, teachers or scientists.

The professor was very ____ and decided to study it further. Luckily, all the men were living in the same city and he was able to visit and ask each one, “What made you _____?” They all answered , “There was a good teacher.”

The teacher was ____ living there, so the professor found her and asked the old lady ____ she had pulled those boys out of the slum, and changed them into successful people. The teacher’s _____ began to shine and said with a sweet smile, “It’s really very easy. I ____ those boys. I’m proud of them.” ( ) 1. A. read B. study C. write ( ) 2. A. later B. before C. ago ( ) 3. A. search B. find out C. look for ( ) 4. A. for B. like C. as

( ) 5. A. glad B. surprised C. worried ( ) 6. A. surprising B. successful C. famous ( ) 7. A. already B. even C. still ( ) 8. A. how B. where C. when ( ) 9. A. face B. eyes C. mouth ( ) 10. A. taught B. loved C. helped


Some years ago the captain of a ship was very interested in ____. He always ____ medical books to sea and liked to talk about different diseases. One day a ____ sailor on his ship pretended (假装) to be ill. The captain came to see him and was very pleased to have a patient to ___. He gave the man some medicine and then ___ the other sailors do his work. Two days later_____ sailors pretended that he didn’t feel well. Once again the captain looked in his medical books and told the “sick” man to have a rest.

The other sailors were very ____ because they had more work to do. ___ one of the other sailors decided to punish the sick men. He mixed(混合) some soap and other unpleasant things. Then he gave his new “medicine” to the “sick” men. It was ____ terrible that one of the “patients” jumped out of his bed, and ran away _____ he could. The captain now knew they were not sick at all, so he made them work very hard for


the rest of the shipping on the sea.

( ) 1. A. medicine B. knowledge C. science D. art ( ) 2. A. caught B. got C. had D. carried ( ) 3. A. happy B. hardworking C. lazy D. hungry ( ) 4. A. look for B. look after C. look back D. look up ( ) 5. A. asked B. took C. sent D. made ( ) 6. A. another B. the other C. other D. others ( ) 7. A. pleased B. sorry C. angry D. surprised ( ) 8. A. At first B. At last C. At the end D. At the beginning ( ) 9. A. very B. much C. so D. quite ( ) 10. A. as soon as B. as fast as C. as early as D. as carefully as


Do you often think of your parents? You may say, “Of course, I _____. I buy a present for my mother on Mother’s Day and on Father’s Day I give my father ____, too.” But what about the other days of the year?

I have a friend whose parents live in another city. One day I went to see her. We had a nice conversation. Then she wanted to ____. So she dialed(拨号) the number, but then she put down the phone. After about fifteen ___, she dialed the number again. “Hi, Mom…”

Later I asked, “____ did you dial the number twice?” She smiled, “My parents are old and ___. They can’t get close to the telephone quickly. I always do so when I call them. I just want to give them ____ time to answer the call.”

My friend is a good girl. She is ___ thinking about her parents. You also want to be a ____ child, right? Please always remember t ___ your parents in every situation, not just on some important days.

( ) 1. A. will B. do C. won’t D. don’t

( ) 2. A. a cake B. a kiss C. some money D. a present ( ) 3. A. make a call B. pay a visit C. have a rest D. go for a walk ( ) 4. A. seconds B. minutes C. hours D. days ( ) 5. A. How B. What C. Why D. When ( ) 6. A. fast B. slow C. healthy D. careless ( ) 7. A. little B. quick C. no D. enough

( ) 8. A. always B. never C. seldom D. sometimes ( ) 9. A. bad B. clever C. good D. sick

( ) 10. A. think of B. look after C. ring up D. listen to


Sunday was going to be the birthday for me and my other two classmates. As we were born in the ___ mouth, we decided to have a big party to ___ it.

On that evening, we invited all of our classmates. We prepared a lot of food and

drinks. After singing the birthday song, we ___ the delicious cake together. We sang more songs and played games. Then someone told funny stories, and ___ laughed. Three hours flew by quickly. Because we had to ___ before 11:00, we ended our party at 10:00. Before we left, our classmates gave ___ of us a birthday card with their best wishes. ____ we took some pictures together. What a great time we had! At that moment, I felt love, happiness and friendship.

Before the party, only my ___ could remember my birthday, and I had never had such a big party and so many friends’ wishes. ___ I wanted to say to my classmates, “Thank you, and I will ____ forget this evening, especially each of you!” ( ) 1. A. different B. best C. same D. some ( ) 2. A. cost B. celebrate C. laugh D. love ( ) 3. A. sent B. remembered C. prepared D. shared ( ) 4. A. Everyone B. Someone C. Anyone D. No one ( ) 5. A. go to the party B. go to bed C. go to school D. go to work ( ) 6. A. both B. some C. each D. most ( ) 7. A. Finally B. Firstly C. However D. Anyway ( ) 8. A. teachers B. classmates C. parents D. friends ( ) 9. A. Since B. So C. Though D. After ( ) 10. A. already B. yet C. ever D. never


One day a rich woman lost her purse with a lot of money in it. So she made a ____, “ If anybody finds my purse and ___ it to me, I’ll give half the money to him.” A poor man ____ the purse near a shop. He sent it back to the woman, but the rich woman ____. “There was an expensive ring in my purse besides money,” said the woman, “ I won’t give you half the money in my purse until you return it to me.” “But I’ve never seen an expensive ring in ____ purse,” said the man.

They began to quarrel(). The man became ___ and took her to a judge(). ____ the judge heard what had happened to them, he said to the woman, “I’m sure that you have lost a purse, and there is an expensive ring in it. But there is __ a lot of money in this purse. So I don’t think it’s yours. _____ some time. Maybe somebody will give your purse back.”

Then the judge ___ to the man and said, “Take the purse home. If the owner doesn’t come to get it back in two days, it will be yours.”

( ) 1. A. face B. mistake C. promise D. conversation ( ) 2. A. gets B. shows C. points D. returns ( ) 3. A. had B. knew C. heard D. found ( ) 4. A. kept her word B. change her mind

C. tried her best D. pulled her down

( ) 5. A. your B. her C. his D. my

( ) 6. A. sad B. angry C. excited D. worried


( ) 7. A. Before B. Though C. After D. If ( ) 8. A. only B. truly C. nearly D. really ( ) 9. A. Wait for B. Listen to C. Look after D. Talk about ( ) 10. A. ran B. came C. went D. turned


One day a poor man was traveling on horseback. At noon, he tied his horse to a tree and then __ to eat something. A few minutes later, a rich man came along and tied his horse to the same tree.

“Please tie your horse to another tree,” said the poor man. “My horse is wild. It will kill yours.”

____ the rich man said, “I shall tie my horse as I like!” he tied up his horse and had his lunch nearby. After a moment they heard a terrible ___, the two horses were fighting. They went up to them, but it was too ____. The rich man’s horse was killed. “See what your horse has done!” cried the rich man. “You will have to ____ it.” And he brought the poor man before Mr. Know.

Mr. Know asked the poor man some questions. But he made no _____. At last Mr. Know said, “This man is dumb. He cannot speak.”

“Oh,” the rich man shouted ____. “He can! He spoke to me when I met him.” “Are you sure?” asked Mr. Know. “What did he ___?”

“He told me not to tie my horse to the same tree because his horse was wild and would kill my horse.”

“Oh,” said Mr. Know. “So he ____ you. Then can you expect to get money ___ him?”

The rich man said nothing and left silently.

( ) 1. A. put down B. set down C. sat down D. turned down ( ) 2. A. So B. But C. And D. Though ( ) 3. A. song B. word C. bell D. noise ( ) 4. A. late B. slow C. hard D. quick ( ) 5. A. pay for B. look for C. wait for D. care for ( ) 6. A. idea B. mistake C. money D. answer ( ) 7. A. quietly B. angrily C. happily D. heavily ( ) 8. A. speak B. tell C. talk D. say ( ) 9. A. helped B. thanked C. warned D. ordered ( ) 10. A. for B. from C. with D. about

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