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Ⅰ. 听录音,选择符合内容情景的图片。

1. Our English teacher comes from Australia.

2. Dolphins are very friendly. We like them very much.

3. Jenny is very clever and she likes playing chess.

4. Sam’s sister watched TV last night. She didn’t do her homework.

5. Jodie wants to be a reporter, not a doctor.

Ⅱ. 听简短对话,然后挑选最佳答案回答所听到的问题。

6. M: Where is the bank?

W: It’s in front of the school.

Q: Where is the school?

7. M: Can you go out on school nights, Mary?

W: Yes, but I can’t play computer games or listen to music.

Q: What can Mary do on school nights?

8. M: Hi! Is that Mary?

W: No. Mary is of medium build. But the girl is tall and thin.

Q: What does Mary look like?

9. W: Did you have a great weekend, Jack?

M: Yes, I went to the beach on Saturday and went to the museum on Sunday. Q: Where didn’t Jack go on weekends?

10. W: I would like rice and beef. What about you, Eric?

M: I don’t like them. I would like potatoes and mutton.

Q: What would the girl like?

Ⅲ. 听一篇对话,然后选择正确答案作答。

M: Hi, Gina! How are you?

W: I’m fine. Thank you.

M: I called you yesterday afternoon. Your father told me you were out. Where did you go?

W: I went to the zoo.

M: Who did you go with?

W: With Mary.

M: Mary? Who’s Mary?

W: Oh! She is my pen pal.

M: Where is she from?

W: She’s from England. She can speak English very well.

M: Can she speak Chinese?

W: Yes, but only a little. I teach her Chinese and she teaches me English.

M: That sounds great. Is Mary tall?

W: Yes, she is. And she is not thin. Next time let’s play together.

M: Good idea.

Ⅳ. 听一篇短文,用恰当的单词填空,每空词数不限。

Mr Smith is our English teacher. He comes from England. He’s of medium height. He is a little bit heavy and has short curly hair. He has a son, Brad, and two daughters, Ruth and Annie.

Last Sunday, it was sunny and cool. Mr and Mrs Smith took their children to the

beach. They had great fun playing in the water. Brad made two new friends there. Ruth and Annie helped a lost boy find his parents.

At 11:30, they were tired and hungry. So they went to a restaurant for lunch. They had some dumplings and chicken. For drink, they had green tea.



Ⅰ. 1—5 ABCCA Ⅱ. 6—10 ACCBA Ⅲ. 11—15 CACBB

Ⅳ. 16. An English teacher 17. short curly 18. made two new friends

19. helped a lost boy 20. dumplings, chicken and green tea

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