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1. want +to do/ sth/ sb to do=would like to do/ sth/sb to do e.g. I want to join the club.

Ex:1) I want _________(have) a birthday party for my brother.

2)我想参加音乐俱乐部。I want ________ __________ the__________ club。

3) I’d like a glass of milk.(改为一般疑问句)

4)I’d like to have bread for breakfast.(改为同义句)

I _____ _______ have bread for breakfast.

2. like/love+ to do / doing e.g. Ex:1) My sister likes singing and _____________(dance).

2)I like ____________(跳舞) and playing the guitar.

3)He likes swim and he wants to join the sports club. (改错)

4) His sister loves _______ (play) the piano very much.

3. or : 或者、 也不(用于否定句)

e.g1) I can’t sing ______ dance, but I can swim ______ skate.

A. and; and B. or; and C. and; or D. or , or

2)My brother can play the guitar. ( 用 the piano 改写为选择疑问句)

________ your brother play the guitar _________ the piano?

4. can 情态动词, 后加动词原形 .学过的情态动词还有:may、must、would、need

1) I can speak English well.(改为一般疑问句和否定句)


3)I can ________ (play )chess with you.

5. also/ too/ either

also 可用于肯定句,放句中、句首 ; too 肯定句,句末 前有逗号; either用于否定句 She can dance. I can dance,_______. A. also B. either C. too D. to

6. be good at +n/doing (at 是介词,介词后面跟名词、代词或者doing,不能接动词原形和to do) 同:thank for doing/ be interested in doing

1)郭敬明擅长写小说。 Guo Jingming _______ ______ ______ _________ novels.

2)He is good at _____________(sing).

3)My brother is interested in __________( tell) stories. 1) Let me _______ you ______ your English?

A. help; with B. to help; on C. helping ; at D. help; on

8. enjoy/finish/practice doing 这三个词后面的动词要加ing

ex:1)Linda enjoys _____ story books. A. reading B. read C. to read

2) She has to practice _________ (sing) the song in English every day.

3) She often ________ Chinese with her classmates.

A. practice speak B. practices speak C. practices speaking D. practice speaking 另:enjoy oneself=have a good time= have fun doing

I enjoyed _________( me) in the summer holiday.

9. see/watch/hear sb doing: doing 表示正在做

I like to watch the girl __________ (play) with the dog.


I. 用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空。

1. It’s an important meeting. __________ (not, be )late.

2. ____________ (not,make) any noise! Your mother is sleeping.

3. ____________ (not, speak) with your mouth full of food and ____________ (be) polite.

4. ____________ ( not, talk) and ____________ (read) aloud大声的.

II. 选择填空

1 .Her doctor said: “________ work so hard辛苦”

A Stop

B Don’tC Can’tD No2. ——Sindy, ________ to be here at 8 o’clock

A is sureB is sure that C will be sureD be sure

3.________ when you cross the road马路.

A Do care B Care C Be careful D To be careful 4. ________him the secret, will you? A Don’t tell B Not to tellC Not tellingD No telling 8. 一般现在时的用法

2)句子结构:主语+am/is/are+形容词 He is Chinese.

主语+动词原形/动词单三+其他 He works in China.

3)否定句、疑问句:有系动词的肯定句变否定,在系动词后加not;变疑问句系动词提前;实义动词的句子变否定句在动词前加don’t/doesn’t;疑问句用do/does放句首,其他部分用动词原形。 Ex: 1).My sister ________ home at 5:00 pm every day. A. gets B. gets to C. get D. get to

2) My father _________(work) very long hours every day.

3) He goes to school at 7:30.(改为否定句)

4)划线部分提问) 划线部分提问)

6) What _____ Jack _______(do) on Sunday evening?


1)时间状语:now、these days

2)句子结构:主语+be doing+其他

3)疑问句:be 提前;否定句:be后加not

Ex:1) 听,有人正在房间里跳舞。Listen! Someone _______ _______ in the room.

2). Look. The man is _____ ( clean) the street.

3). --- Is John playing computer games? --- _______.

A. Yes, he is B. No, he is C. Yes, he does D. No, he doesn’t

4). Mrs. Wang shops with her son.(用now改写句子)

Mrs . Wang ________ _______ with her son now.

5) Alice wants to go to Sichuan.(改为否定句)


1)时间 状语:yesterday、last …、ago、 in +时间(in 2001)



4)否定句:系动词做谓语,在系动词 后加not; 实义动词做谓语,变疑问句在动词前加didn’t,实义动词用原形


2)I helped my mother with the housework yesterday.(改为否定句)

3)Tony_____ football every weekend when he was young.

A. plays B. played C. is playing D. has played 对划线部分提问)

? 时态综合练习:

? 1.—Is your father a doctor?

? —Yes, he is. He__________ in Town Hospital.

? A. has worked B. had worked C. works D. worked

? 2. Every year many foreigners _________to China to learn Chinese.

? A. have come B. comes C. came D. come

? 3. Don’t turn off the radio. I _______ to the news.

? A. listen B. have listened C. listened D. am listening

? 4.——Where’s the children, Mr Black?

? ——Oh, they _________ their PE lesson on the playground.

? A. have B. had C. are having D. have had

? 5. Don’t turn on the TV. Grandma ____________ now.

? A. is sleeping B. will sleep C. slept D. sleeps

? 6.——Mary, could you help me?

? ——Wait a moment. I _________.

? A. read a book B. did my homework C. was watching TV D. am cooking dinner ? 7. —Who was on duty last Friday﹖

? —_______ A. I am B. I was C. Yes, I was D. No, I wasn't ? 8. I cleaned my classroom ___________.

? A with three hours B three hours ago

? C in three hours D three hours before

? 9. I came _______ my house two days ago .

? A back on B back to C to back D back

? 10. ___________? He did some reading at home.

? A What does your father do yesterday evening

? B What does your brother do in the school

? C What did your brother do over the weekend

? D Where did your brother go last Sunday

11. My sister always _______ (do) some _________(read) in the evening.

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