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Unit9 Can you come to my party?

一 根据汉语写单词。

1. 使做好准备 2. 考试

3. 流感 4. 有空的,可获得的

5. 到??时, 6. 悬挂,垂下(原形过去时) 7. 及时赶上,接住 8. 邀请 33. 太多作业 34. 邀请某人做某事 35. 做某事最好的方式 36答复某事/某人 三 根据汉语完成句子。

1. --周六下午你能来我的聚会么?-- 是的,我愿意。

2. 对不起,我没有空。

9. 接受 11. 工作日 13. 回答,回复 15. 删除 17. 悲哀的 19. 高兴 21. 胶水 23. 惊奇的 25. 开幕式 27. 校长 29. 客人 31. 白天,日间

二 根据汉语写短语。

1.在周六下午 3.去看医生 5. 帮助我的父母 7. 其他时间 9. 去聚会 11. 后天 13.上钢琴课 15. 照看;照顾 17. 拒绝邀请 19.去旅行 21. 举办惊喜晚会 23. 想出?? 25.盼望;期待 27. 的开幕式/落成典礼 29. 去听音乐会 31. 会见我的朋友 10. 拒绝

12. 邀请(名词) 14. 转寄,发送 16. 打印 18. 再见

20. 准备,准备工作 22. 没有,不 24. 乔迁聚会 26. 音乐会

28. 大事,公开活动 30. 日历 2.做准备

4. 患流感 6. 来参加聚会

8.去年秋天 10.常去某处;泡在某处 12.前天

14. 去骑自行车 16. 接受邀请 18. 发出邀请 20.这个月末 22. 周五之前 24. 以便,为了 26. 收到??的来信 28. 书面回复

30. 直到??才 32拜访祖父母

3. 我记得去年秋天他来拜访你的时候我们一起去骑自行车。

4. 我想去,但恐怕不行。

5. 但Sam直到下周三才离开。

6. 周一晚上我们可以一起出去闲逛么?

7. 周一见。

8. --今天是什么日子?--十四号星期一。

9. 我必须要照顾我的姐姐。 10. 多么棒的一个主意啊! 11. 她帮我大大提高我的英语。

12. 看到她走我非常难过,并且这个聚会是说“再见和谢谢”的最好的方式。

13. 我早有了一个关于怎么去做的好主意 14. 非常感谢你计划这件事。

15. 月底我的家人将要去武汉旅行并去看望我的叔叔婶婶。

16. 如果你需要帮助请让我告诉。

17. 因为我确信到目前为止你们已经知道我们最喜欢的老师,斯蒂恩老师,很快就要离回美国了。

18. 为了表示我们将多么想她,让我们下周五,28号,为她举办一个惊喜派对。

19. 考虑要玩的游戏。

20. 在没有告知她的情况下,把斯蒂恩老师带来以便她能感到惊喜。

21. 我盼望收到你们的回信。

22. 我想邀请您参加我们第九中学新图书馆的落成典礼。


1. Betty is learning the piano. She goes to the piano lon Sundays. 2. Thank you for your i_________ to have dinner with your family next Sunday. 3. Let’s watch the basketball m_________ at 5:00 p.m. on TV.

4. His parents like country music. They’re going to a c_________ this weekend. 5. I read the c_________ just now. It’s October 28th today.

6. The apples are very delicious. Would you like a_________one? 7. Can you come o_________ to my house this weekend?

8. I have a lot of homework to do today. So I don't have much f_________ time. 9. I go to work every w________, and sometimes on Saturday. . 10. Don't talk! Please be q______.The baby is sleeping now.


1. Tom_________(can) come to my party because he is ill. 2. What about ________(go) to the movies?

3. Thanks for___________(tell) me the way to the post office. 4. Thanks for your________(invite) to your house next week. 5. Why_______(not go) to Wang Lin's birthday party? 6. I would love__________(make) friends with him. 7. Today is Tom's _______(fourteen) birthday. 8. 1 have a________(real) busy week.

9. My grandparents live in a village nearby. I go ________ (see) them once a week. 10. ______(not read) in the sun. It’s bad for your eyes.

11. We can give some flowers to our mothers on______ (mother) Day. 13. Please keep quiet! My sister's trying________(study). 14. You must look after yourself and keep___________(health). 15. There are two basketball _______(match) this week.

16. When ____Paul usually _________(have) his piano lesson? 17. This afternoon I have to (babysit)my little sister.

18. Tomorrow I am going to ______(visit) the ______ (visit) from Canada. 19. ______you ______(go) to the concert yesterday? 20. Don't open your eyes. Keep them ______(close). 21.They are singing and _________(dance) over there. 22.I am _______(go) to the dentist soon. 23.24.Let’s ________(havI’d like ________(play) volleyball.e) a piano lesson.

25.. I have a________ busy week. (real)


1. They have to do tennis training from Monday to Friday. (改为同义句) They have to do tennis training 2. We have to study for the math test.(改为否定句)

We 3. Do you want to come to my birthday party?(改为同义句) to come to my birthday party? 4. Why not play soccer with me?(改为同义句) Why play soccer with me? (对画线部分提问) he ? 6. Thank you for your invitation. (改为同义句) Thank you for 7. She has to do the washing every day.(改为一般疑问句) 8. Jenny asked me to come to her birthday party last week. (改为同义句) her birthday party last week. 9. I have too much homework to do this weekend.(改为同义句) ____ _____ too much homework ___ ____ to do this weekend. (对画线部分提问) 单选题

1. Can he come to play soccer with us?________.

A I can B That`s all right C No , I can`t D Sure,he woule love to 2.I can go with you ,but he______. A am not B not C can`t D don`t

3.Are you doing your homework _____Monday morning? A on B at C in D / 4.Thanks for ____ me with my English. A help B helping C helps D to help

5.Bob can`t come out to play because he____ help Dad in the garden. A can B can`t C has D has to

6.The students are studying____ a test. A to B for C at D on

7. Are you free today?No,I___ go to my guitar lesson. A have B have to C want D has to

8.What ___you ___on Sunday? I`m doing my homework. A are,do B are ,doing C do,do D do,doing

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