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七年级下Lesson 43 Have good summer课件

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1、Summer holiday is coming. What are you going to do during summer? 2、Do you know what Jenny and Danny are going to do during summer holiday?

Think about follow question and talk about :

Lesson 43

Have a Good Summer

Studying Aims
1. Key vocabulary study:
final/ exam /tennis

2. Important sentences:
1) What are you going to do for the summer? 2) We will do so many things. 3) I’m looking forward to it. 3.“will”和“ be going to”的用法

New Words:
final adj. 最后的;最终的
副词为 : finally, 同义词组:at last /in the end exam v. 考试;检查


n. 网球

Translation 1) take an exam /final exams 参加考试 / 最后的考试 确信 2) be sure ___________ 3) play tennis /basketball/volleyball/football 打网球/篮球/排球/(踢)足球 盼望 ,期盼 4) look forward to ____________ 不得不 等待 5) wait for__________ 6) have to__________ 7) have a good summer 过一个愉快的夏天 _____________ 8)列清单 make a list

Finish “let’s do it (2)”

Read the text and complete Danny’s diary.
Dear Diary, exams I am so excited today. we wrote

over exam over and school is _______. our final______ The
day after tomorrow I will go to my uncle’s house. I'll

month month Debby and I will stay there for one _______.
tennis volleyball and______. football play basketball, _______

sun We will swim and play in the _______, It’s going to
be a great summer. I'm looking forward to it so



I am sure you did well.

Be sure后面跟 that 从句做宾语,其中 that 可以省略不写,多以第一人称作主 语。 be sure sure 的其他用法: 确定,确信_______ be sure to do sth /be sure of sth

2、我期待着。 I am looking forward to it! 探究:期望,期盼 : look forward to to 是______ 。 介词 ,后面跟__________________ 名词/代词/动名词

Eg: 他期盼来自他父母的信. He is looking forward to his parents’s letter ! 我的表妹期盼去悉尼旅游。 My cousin is looking forward to travelling to Sydney

? 3.How about you,Jenny? What about…?= How about…? 常用来引起一个问句,表示提出建议和请求,征求 意见或询问消息,意为“……好不好?”,“……怎么 样?”。后可 接名词,代词和动名词 。 ? Eg:我要些米饭,你呢?

I’d like some rice.What/How about you? We will do so many things ? 4. 我将做如此多的事。
? so many+ 可数名词的复数 so much+ 不可数名词 ? 如:在我们学校图书馆有如此多的书。

There are so many books in our school library.


I am going to stay with his family for one month.
我们将做如此多的事情。 ___________________________________. We will do so many things. 都用一般将来时 这两个句子的共同点是_____________________. 拓展: 定义: 一般将来时 表示将来

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