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)1. A:____ you ever ____ to an aquarium? B:Yes, we had a good time there.

A. Have, gone B. Did; go C. Have, been ( )2. I _____ my grandpa last Sunday.

A. have visited
( (

B. visited

C. was visiting

) 3. She _____ Shanghai for a month.

A. has come to

B. came to C. has been in

)4. Mr. Smith died last year. He ____for a B. has died C. has been dead

few months already . A. died


) 5. Ann ___ TV at this time last Saturday.

A. has watched B. was watching C. watched ( ) 6. A:Have you ____ been to our town before? B: No, it's the first time I ___ here. A. even, have come B. ever, come C. ever, have come ( )7. May ______ the book for two weeks. A. borrowed B. kept C. bought ( )8. A: I have heard of the news. B: ______. A. So do I B. So have I C. Neither have I

Have you ever been to the Great Wall?

the Great Wall

Have you ever been to the Palace Museum?

the Palace Museum


the Terracotta Army
[,ter?'k?t? ]

Have you ever been to the Bird’s Nest?

the Bird’s Nest

1a a

Match the pictures with names.



c the Terracotta Army ___ ___ a the Great Wall b the Bird’s Nest ___ d the Palace Museum ___


Listen to a student interviewing a foreign student. Check ( √ ) the questions you hear.

√ Have you visited the Palace Museum? ____ ____ √ Have you been to the Great Wall? ____ Have you been to the Bird’s Nest? ____ Have you seen the Terracotta Army? ____ √ Have you tried Chinese food?

1c Listen again and take notes.
Name: ______________________________ Peter
Country: ____________________________ Australia

How long in China: ____________________ two weeks
the Palace Museum, Places visited: ________________________
the Great Wall , the Bird’s Nest, the Terracotta Army _____________________________________

Food: _______________________________ Beijing Duck


What places have you been to?
Ask your partner.

Have you visited …?

Have you been to …?
Have you seen …? Have you tried …?

1. They have been here since 2000. (划线提问) have they been here? 2. The old man died last year. (同义句) He has ______ ________ for a year. 3. Miss Black left an hour ago. (同义句) Miss Black has ____ ____ since an hour ago. 4. Her mother has been a Party member for three years. (同义句) Her mother _____the Party three years ______ . 5. I bought the bike five years ago. (同义句) I ______ ______ the bike for five years.

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