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Unit 7
青 椅 山 逸 夫 学 校 王 昕 鸽

What color is this? It’s …….




white blue


What’s this? It’s a…..





shirt T-shirt

What are these? They’re ……



pants shorts

What are these?

What’s this?

They’re short socks

It’s a big hat.
They’re long socks.

It’s a small hat.

1a Match the words with the pictures. b 1. socks ____ 2. T-shirt ____ g a 3. shorts _____ d 4. sweater ____ 5. bag ___ c f 6. hat ___ 7. pants ____ e h 8. shoes ____ i 9.skirt_____


Listen and circle the things you hear.




How much is this T-shirt? It is 7 dollars.


Pair work
$5 $3


How much is this/that---?

It’s ---dollars.
$20 $35 $18

How much are these socks? They are 1 dollar.


Pair work
$3 $12


How much are these/those ---?
They are --- dollars.



$5 $7 $9




Make a survey: Ask the price of your classmates’ things and write down the prices.
shoes backpack name
¥ ¥ ¥ ¥


sweater pencil others case
¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥

¥ ¥

Make a report like this: Li Lei’s shoes are 60 yuan. His backpack is 35yuan….

一、练一练:用is/are填空. are 1.His shoes _______black and white. 2.How much _______these pants? are Is 3._______this your skirt? Yes, it is. 4.The socks_______10 dollars. are 5.Where ______my shorts? are 二、对画线部分提问。 The blue hat is 6 dollars. How much is ____ ____ ____ the blue hat?

It’s difficult to make money. We should save money.

挣钱不容易,我们 应节约用钱.

Thank you!


Fill in the blank:
Clerk: Can I help you ? Mary : Yes, please. I want a sweater. Clerk: What _____ color do you want? Mary: Blue.

Clerk: Here you are .
How much Mary: ____________ is it?

Clerk: 20 dollars.

Thank you / thanks Mary: I’ll take it. _____________.

Clerk: You’re welcome.

Pair work 1 A: Can I help you? B: Yes ,please. I want a sweater . A: What color do you want? B: Yellow.

A:Here you are.
B: How much is it ?

A: 30 dollars.
B: I’ll take it.Thank you./Thanks.

A: You’re welcome.

Pair work 2 A: Can I help you? B: Yes ,please. I want a pair of socks. A: What color do you want? B: Green.

A: Here you are.
B: How much are they ?

A: 2 dollars.
B: I’ll take them, Thank you. /Thanks.

A: You’re welcome.

Teacher: Today is A’s birthday. B, C and D are his best friend: they want to give him some presents. They have fifty yuan. What will they buy?
操作建议: 1。 全班分为售货员和购物两部分, 分别做准备; 2。 学生以小组为单位, 模拟在商场购物; 3。 每小组向全班汇报所买的东西, 并逐一展示; 4。列出你所知道的服装、鞋帽的英文名称;

Task: 赠送生日礼物


完成任务所需要的语言结构: 1. Come and have a look. 2.Can I help you ?/What can I do for you ?

3.Does she li

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