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选8 Module 3知识点(讲课)

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the differences between Chinese food and foreign food
? Chinese food many kinds of food They eat all parts of animals. Carefully prepared Sense of beauty British food cold food Choose what they want Only washed before serving They mash food into an unrecognisable shape.

Passage 1
Para. 1 1. In fact, I think that they are sometimes obsessed with it. 事实上,我觉得他们有时候对此到了 痴迷的程度。 be obsessed with/by “痴迷, 迷住”; “牵挂, 困扰” He was obsessed with computer games a year ago. 一年前他迷上了电脑游戏。

仿写: My father is obsessed with lottery and talks about nothing else.
我爸爸迷上了彩票, 别的什么也不谈。

2. I had eaten Chinese food often, but I could not have imagined how fabulous a real Chinese banquet could be. 我以前也经常吃中餐,但从没想到真正的 中式宴席会那么丰富。

考点提炼:could have done “过去可能 做了” 或“ 过去本来可以做”, 用于肯 定句,否定句,或疑问句。 I could have run 100 meters in twelve seconds. 我本来可以用12秒跑100米的。 She couldn't have said such a thing. 她不可能说出这种话的。

—Happy birthday! —Thank you! It's the best present I________ for.(2012 · 江苏卷,35) A.should have wished B.must have wished C.may have wished D.could have wished

3. The first six or seven dishes seemed to fill the table, with plates dangerously balanced on top of another. I thought this vast wave of food was the total number of dishes to be served, and I started eating greedily. 六七道菜好像就摆满了一桌子,危险地 放在另一个盘子上面。 我认为就上这 么多菜了, 于是贪婪地吃了起来。

考点提炼:with plates dangerously balanced on top of another. 为with的复 合结构 with+宾语+过去分词 balance vt.& vi (使)平稳 He can balance a ball on his finger. 他能把球稳放在手指上。 She balanced herself on one foot. 她用一只脚站稳。 to be served 表将来 The question to be discussed is very important.

Para. 3 1. The first time I saw a three-year-old kid cheerfully chewing a chicken’s head I had bad dreams for weeks. 当我第一次看到一个三岁的孩子高兴 地啃着一个鸡头的时候, 我做了好几 周的噩梦。 考点提炼:the first time 引导一个时间 状语从句,相当于: When I saw a three-year--old kid cheerfully chewing a chicken’s head for the first time.

又如: The first time I went abroad I was 12 years old. 当我第一次出国的时候, 我才12岁。 for the first time 为时间状语,如:

They met for the first time at the beginning of the term.

? The first time I went to Beijing, I climbed the Great Wall. ? 我第一次去北京就爬了长城。

Para. 4 1. be on a recent trip to 最近到……的 旅行 pulling at 分词做伴随状语。 1)拉,拖 pull at the door 2)吸(烟),从(瓶里喝)pull at a

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