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( )1、―Hello! ________ Peter.

―Hello! Peter! It?s Julie here.

A、This is B、I am C、It is D、here is

( )2、There ________ snow in Beijing every year.

A、isn?t much B、hasn?t many C、hasn?t much D、aren?t many

( )3、Different ________ hare different ________.

A、cities; weather B、city; weather C、cities; weathers D、city; weathers

七.英语 第1页 ( )4、The boy enjoys ________ after school.

A、play soccer B、plays soccer C、playing soccer D、plaies soccer

( )5、Mike can go ________ the forest.(森林)

A、through B、across C、pass D、on

( )6、Could you just tell him ________ me back.

A、for call B、to call C、in call D、of call

( )7、The old man often sits in the park and watches the children ______ football.

A、play B、to play C、playing D、plays

( )8、The girl ________ of medium build and ________ blonde hair.

A、is; is B、has; has C、has; is D、is; has

( )9、―Hey, Tom. Let?s go swimming.

―Just a moment. I ________ a message.

A、send B、sent C、am sending D、have sent

( )10、There are 120 ________ in our school.

A、woman teachers B、man teachers C、women teacher D、men teachers

( )11、The ruler is too short. Can you give me ________ one.

A、other B、another C、others D、the other

( )12、One of the children ________ at the map now.

A、look B、looks C、is looking D、are looking

( )13、―________ is the weather in Beijing?

―________ windy.

A、What; It?s B、How; It?s C、How; It D、What; It

( )14、His father is a ________ in a restaurant.

A、cooker B、cook C、cooking D、cooks

( )15、Some boys are having a great time ________ in the water.

A、swim B、swims C、play D、playing

( )16、His grandfather has a lot of ________.

A、moneys B、moneies C、money D、moneyes

( )17、Bob often spends time ________ in the park.

A、walk B、to walk C、walks D、walking

( )18、―Is there a hotel ________ the neighborhood?

―Yes, it?s ________ Center Street ________ the right.

A、on; on; in B、in; on; in C、in; on; on D、in; down; in

( )19、She wants to buy ________.

A、a glasses B、two glasses of milks C、a pair of glass D、a pair of glasses

( )20、Wany Lin has ________ hair.

A、a short straight black B、a straight short black C、short straight black D、black straight short

七.英语 第2页

( )21、Do you know that girl ________ long hair?

A、in B、has C、to have D、with

( )22、Each of us ________ an English name.

A、has B、hare C、is D、are

( )23、My brother is ________ the model.

A、taking photo of B、taking photos for C、taking photos of D、to take photos of

( )24、Tom is ________ because he is ill.

A、in the hospital B、on the hospital C、on hospital D、in hospital

( )25、He ________ ten dollars ________ the book.

A、pay; for B、pay; to C、paid; for D、paid; to

( )26、There is a garden ________ my house.

A、in the front of B、in front of C、between D、in the front

( )27、I?m new here. I have ________ friends.

A、a little B、little C、few D、a few

( )28、He ________ at home now.

A、maybe B、may be C、may is D、may

( )29、I don?t know ________.

A、What are they looking for B、What do they look for C、What they are looking for D、What can they look for

( )30、________, let me introduce(介绍) myself to you.

A、above all B、First of all C、after all D、in all 三、完形填空。(10分)

A train stopped at a small station. A passenger looked out of and saw a cakes. The man wanted to buy a cake, but the woman was standing quite The man didn't want to go for the cake 4 , so he 5 a little boy who was on the platform (月台) near the carriage (车厢) a cake?" "Three pence, pence and said to him. me a cake and with A few minutes later the boy came back. He was 10 a cake. He gave the man three pence and said. "There was only one cake left, sir."

( )1、A. door B. train C. station D. window ( )2、A. selling B. to sell C. sell D. sold ( )3、A. out B. from C. over D. away ( )4、A. alone B. by himself C. himself D. lonely ( )5、A. shouted B. cried C. called D. told

( )6、A. How many B. How much C. How big D. How long ( )7、A. three B. four C. five D. six

七.英语 第3页 ( )8、A. Take B. Carry C. Fetch D. Get ( )9、A. your B. other C. the other D. another ( 10、A. buying B. carrying C. looking at D. eating 四、阅读理解。(30分)


I?m Bruce. I like nature(自然),so I sent to university(大学) and worked hard at gardening. I became a gardener in a park. I love my job. I like the outdoor life—not sitting at a desk for me, though sometimes it is a bit lonely. I have to spend the whole day in the park and can not see anyone else. I enjoy all kinds of things I do. I know I also have to be outside in really bad weather sometimes.

When people visit the park, I try to walk to them and encourage (鼓励) them to love nature and the outdoors. I don?t like to see branches(树枝) broken off trees, plants pulled up, animals hurt and so on(等等) .But on the whole, it?s a useful job. ( )1、What does Bruce do?

A. A teacher. B. A student. C. A worker. D. A gardener.

( )2、How did Bruce study in university?

A. Easily. B. Hard. C. Difficultly. D. Slowly.

( )3、Bruce likes outdoor life because

A. he needn?t sit at a desk all day B. he doesn?t like to see other people C. he likes to be lonely D. he like the bad weather

( )4、When people come to see the park, Bruce does his best .

A. to ask them to go away from the park B. to ask them to work in the park

C. to ask them to cut branches off the trees D. to ask them to love nature

( )5、What does Bruce think of his work?

A. Not important B. Tired. C. Very useful. D. Dangerous.


Many teenagers(青少年) feel that the most important people in their lives are their friends. They think that their family members and even their parent don?t know them as well as their friend do. In large families, it is quite often for brothers and sisters to fight with each other and then they can only go to their friends for advice.

It is very important for teenagers to have one good friend or a group of friends. Even when they are not with their friends, they usually spend a lot of time among themselves on the phone. The communication( 交流) is very important in children?s growing up, because friends can discuss something difficult to say to their family members. However, parents often try to choose their children?s friends for them. Some parents stop their children from their children from meeting their good friends.

七.英语 第4页

( )1、It seems that the writer is what parents do.

A. pleased with B. surprised at C. worried about D. angry with

( )2、For many teenagers, their know them better than their parents do.

A. friends B. brothers and sisters C. neighbors D. their grandparents

( )3、When teenagers have no friends around, they usually .

A. go to their friends? homes B. talk on the phone to their friends C. stay at home with their parents D. talk with their parents

( )4、The word “ advice” in the reading is about .

A. how to do something B. when to fight with each other C. what to do with their homework D. why to do their homework

( )5、The best title of the reading is .

A. Large Families B. Parents Decide Everything C. Parents and Teenagers D. Teenagers Need Friends



七.英语 第5页



. When Tom is at home, 图 ? the garden.

over and asks, “” “Tom breaks my toy dog.” Says Ann. “does he break it?” “it.” Says Ann.

六、读写综合。(本大题分A、B两部分,共25分) A、信息归纳(5小题,共5分)

Our school is in a busy town. You can find it on the city map. Our school is in front of the post office, on Center Street. In our school there is an interesting garden. In the middle of the garden there is a big apple tree. After class the students often have a rest under it .Near the garden there is a library. You can read the books in the reading room. But you must be quiet in it and keep the room clean.



60词左右,开头已给出。 Dear Henry,

I am very happy that you will come to my school. ___________________________

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