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1.—What will you buy for your husband's birthday? —I want to buy a ________ wallet for him.

A.black leather small B.small black leather C.small leather black D.black small leather

2.—The novel is,I have to say,not a bit interesting.How do you find it?

—Why! It's________that I have ever read. A.a less interesting B.a more interesting

C.a most interesting D.the most interesting 3.—What does the model plane look like?

—Well,the wings of the plane are ________ of its body. A.more than the length twice B.twice more than the length

C.more than twice the length D.more twice than the length 4.—How about the concert last night?

—Well,at least it's ________ the one I saw last time with Joan. A.no worse than B.no better than

C.not as good as D.as bad as 5.Of the two scientists,who do you think is ________?

A.a successful one B.more successful C.a more successful D.the more successful

6.(2011年厦门测试)We can't get the machine to run.There must be ________ with it.

A.something wrong serious B.something seriously wrong C.something serious wrong D.something wrong seriously

7.After the new technique was introduced,the factory produced ________ in 2004 as the year before.

A.as many machines twice B.twice many as machines C.as twice many machines D.twice as many machines

8.After the long journey,the Smiths returned home,________. A.safe but tired B.safely but tired

C.safe and tiring D.safely and tiring 9.Tasting ________,this kind of fried chicken sells ________.

A.well;good B.to be good;well C.good;well D.to be well;good

10.(2011·东北三校第二次联考)It is shown that men have as women do on average while driving according to recent statistics.

A.twice as many serious accidents B.serious accidents as twice many

C.twice serious accidents as many D.serious accidents as many twice

11.(辽宁高考)Peter’s jacket looked just the same as Jack’s,but it cost his.

A.as much twice as B.twice as much as

C.much as twice as D.as twice much as

12.(2012·江西省临川一中等九校联考)I’m not a little tired today after giving the room a thorough cleaning and I have never had today.

A.as tiring a day as B.as a tiring day as

C.tiring as a day as D.day as a tiring as

13.(2012·银川部分重点中学模拟)—How do you like the hotel?

—It’s great,and I couldn’t have found a one.

A.good B.better C.best D.same

14.(2011·江西卷)—The film is,I have to say,not a bit interesting.

—Why?It’s than the films I have ever seen.

A.far more interesting B.much less interesting

C.no more interesting D.any less interesting

15.(2011·四川卷)—How was your recent trip to Sichuan?

—I’ve never had one before.

A.a pleasant B.a more pleasant

C.a most pleasant D.the most pleasant

16.(2011·沈阳六校3月诊断)—Who would you like to be your assistant,Jack or David?

—If I had to choose,David would be choice.

A.good B.the better C.a better D.the best

17.(2012·长春市第一次调研)—Lily did succeed at last!

—Yeah,indeed,but she was than successful,I think.

A.more lucky B.much luckier C.luckier D.lucky

18.(2012·辽宁期中)The little girl couldn’t work the problem out.She wasn’t clever. ( 答案: A)

A.that B.much C.enough D.rather

19. Americans eat ____ vegetables per person today as they did in 1910.

A. more than twice B. as twice as many

C. twice as many as D. more than twice as many

20. In recent years travel companies have succeeded in selling us the idea that the further we go, _____.

A. our holiday will be better B. our holiday will be the better

C. the better our holiday will be D. the better will our holiday be

21. Greenland, ______ island in the world, covers over two million square kilometers.

A. it is the largest B. that is the largest

C. is the largest D. the largest

22. This year they have produced ___ grain ___ they did last year.

A. as less; as B. as few; as C. less; than D. fewer; than

23. Of the two shirts, I’d better choose ___________ one.

A. the less expensive B. most expensive

C. less expensive D. the most expensive

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