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What would you like?

I’d like some …





A: What kind of noodles would you like? B: I’d like beef and tomato noodles.

= I’d like beef noodles with tomatoes.

A: What kind of noodles would you like? B: I’d like chicken and cabbage noodles. = I’d like chicken noodles with cabbages.

A: What size( bowl of noodles) would you like?

B: I’d like a small bowl of noodles.

a medium bowl of noodles. a large bowl of noodles.

Memory Game(挑战你的记忆)
Make a sentence: I’d like ... noodles. beef
beef potato beef potato cabbage beef potato cabbage mutton beef potato cabbage mutton tomato beef potato cabbage mutton tomato fish

Do you know the food and drinks below?








Match the words with the pictures. h green tea 4. ____

b meat 1. ____

i onions 7. ____

c g 2. ____ dumplings 5. ____ orange juice 8. ____ d fish a porridge 6. _____ e soup 9. ____ 3. ____ f pancakes

1b Circle the things you like in 1a. Put an × next to the things you don’t like. Then tell your partner what you like and don’t like.

1. ____ meat

4. ____ green tea × 7. ____ onions ×

2. ____ dumplings 5. ____ orange juice 8. ____ fish

3. ____ porridge× 6. _____ soup 9. ____ pancakes

I don’t like

onions, green
tea or porridge.

I like dumplings, fish and orange juice.

A: What do you like ? B: I like …, … and … / meat I don’t like …, …or…. pancakes





green tea


orange juice

1c Listen and complete the food order form. ORDER FORM
Address: _________________________. 15 North Street Telephone number: ________________. 398-2845

chicken cabbage Dishes: _________________, fish,_____________________ Dumplings: 12 beef and _____________________________ carrot Soup: one ________________________________________ tomato soup green tea two Drinks: one large ________________ and _____________

orange small __________________________ juices.

Role-play the conversation ? A: Can I help you? ? B: Yes, please. I’d like some noodles. ? A: What kind of noodles would you like? ? B: I’d like … ? A: What size bowl of noodles would you like? ? B: I’d like …

Free talk:

What do you do or eat on your birthday?

2b. Read the article about food traditions and complete the chart. Birthday Food Around the World
What would people like to eat on _______ their birthday? The answer would different in different countries. be _______ birthday cake In many countries, people have ______________ with candles. The number of candles is birthday personmust make the person’s age. The _____________ out the candles. If he or she blows a wish and blow _______

out all the candles in one go, the wish will come _________. true In the UK, people sometimes put a candy in the birthday cake. The child with the candy is lucky. popular to have cake on China it is getting In ________, ______________ your birthday. But many p

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