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( )1、―Can you help me ______ my homework?

―Of course.

A、with B、for C、to D、in

( )2、―Can you dance ______ draw?


A、or B、and C、but D、with

( )3、Mr Smith can speak ______ English.

A、many B、a C、a little D、a few

七.英语 第1页 ( )4、Can you get ______ home at eight?

A、to B、/ C、up D、on

( )5、―______ does it take you to walk to school?

―About ten minutes.

A、How far B、How long C、How soon D、How much

( )6、Miss Rend is good _____ music. She is good _____ children in the music club.

A、at; at B、with; with C、at; with D、with; at

( )7、This apple ______ good. I like eating it.

A、walks B、runs C、cleans D、tastes

( )8、There are 5 ______ people in the hall.

A、hundred B、hundreds C、hundred of D、hundreds of

( )9、What do you ______ the villagers here?

A、think B、thinks C、think of D、think over

( )10、Miss He ______ English.

A、teaches my B、teaches me C、teach my D、teach me

( )11、It usually takes me about 15 minutes ______ my bike to school.

A、rides B、riding C、ride D、to ride

( )12、Susan is ______ girl.

A、a 8-year-old B、an 8-year-old C、an 8-years-old D、a 8-years-old

( )13、That boy needs fifty yuan ______ a schoolbag.

A、buy B、buying C、to buy D、buys

( )14、Tom?s father has ______.

A、a interesting job B、a interesting work C、an interesting work D、an interesting job

( )15、How about ______ a bike to the park?

A、ride B、to ride C、riding D、rides

( )16、Please stop ______. Let?s read books.

A、talk B、to talk C、talking D、talks

( )17、My brother often ______ in the afternoon.

A、do him homework B、does his homeworks C、does him homework D、does his homework

( )18、Tom wants to join the ______ club.

A、swim B、swims C、to swim D、swimming

( )19、―When is Jay?s concert?

―It?s ______ three o?clock ______ the afternoon of May 15th. A、at; in B、at; on C、on; in D、in; on

( )20、―Can you sing English songs?

A、Yes, I am. B、Yes, I do. C、No, I can?t D、No, I don?t

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( )21、Tom, ______ you ______ school?

A、do…late for B、do…late of C、are…late for D、are…late of

( )22、―______ do you usually eat breakfast?

―At 7:30.

A、What B、When time C、What time D、How

( )23、Mr Wang is leaving ______ Guangzhou next week.

A、to B、with C、in D、for

( )24、―Do you play ______ piano in your free time?

―No, I like sports. I often play ______ soccer with my friends. A、/ ; the B、the; / C、the; the D、a; a

( )25、―Can she ______ it in English?

―No, she can?t.

A、talk B、talks C、speak D、say 三、完形填空。(10分)

the students in the 问question every day. Today he to spell "myself". His teacher tells (告诉?anything anytime. That?s what I?m here for, to help you."

( )1、A. on B. in C. for D. from ( )2、A. friend B. band C. teacher D. club ( )3、A. or B. but C. and D. for ( )4、A. draws B. helps C. shows D. sees ( )5、A. everyone?s B. someone?s C. my teacher?s D. her teacher?s ( )6、A. scary B. big C. new D. favorite ( )7、A. her B. his C. its D. their ( )8、A. when B. where C. what D. how ( )9、A. knows B. calls C. thanks D. finds ( )10、A. can B. need C. can?t D. needn?t 四、阅读理解。(30分)

(A)Do You Want To Be A Musician ?

Do you want to be a musician ? Come to our club , and you?ll be very happy in the

七.英语 第3页 club . We have lessons about the piano , the drums , the bamboo (竹子)flute , the guitar and the violin for just $20 each . You can also learn to sing , to dance for $25 each . If you like art , you can be satisfied (满意), too ----It’s just for $30 each !

( )1、How many kinds of instruments(乐器) are there in the ad(广告) ? There are __

A. 5 B. 6 C. 7 D. 4

( )2、How much is it for piano ? It?s ________ .

A. $25 B. $20 C. $30 D. $45

( )3、We can?t learn about ________ in the club .

A. drums B. bamboo flute C. art D. chess

( )4、If you want to learn about guitar and singing , you should pay __

A. $45 B. $20 C. $30 D. $25

( )5、What does lesson mean in the ad ? ________ .

A. 教师 B. 课本 C. 课程 D. 教室


Yao Ming is a basketball player. He is from Shanghai, China. His father and mother are also basketball players. He himself is a Chinese professional (职业的) basketball player. Now he plays in the NBA in the USA. He is very tall —about 226 cm.

There is a movie about Yao Ming. Its name is The Year of the Yao. is about 88 minutes (分钟) long. It is about Yao Ming?s first year in the NBA. Some NBA players talk about (谈论) Yao Ming in the movie. So you can see Charles Barkley and Shaquille O?Neal in it. The movie can help us know more about Yao Ming. ( )6、Yao Ming?s father is a ______.

A. runner B. musician C. basketball player D. movie star

( )7、We can?t see ______ in the movie.

A. Yao Ming B. Shaquille O’Neal C. Charles Barkley D. Harrison Ford

( )8、The underlined word "It" refers to (指的是) "______".

A. the movie B. China C. a basketball game D. the USA

( )9、The name of the movie is ______.

A. YaoMing B. A Basketball Player C. NBA D. The Year of the Yao

( )10、What is the passage (文章) mainly about?

A. Yao Ming. B. A basketball club.

C. How to play basketball well. D. Yao Ming?s first year in the NBA.

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I am in a plano store in China, but I get to a new home nice room. There is a and a blue desk in the room. The girl is only

“well because the music club. Girls in the music club all can play it well.”the

七.英语 第5页 me very much, too. I am happy to be with the little girl. 六、读写综合。(本大题分A、B两部分,共25分) A、信息归纳(5小题,共5分)

David is a good student. He usually gets to school early. But he gets up late today. He doesn?t have time to eat breakfast or go to the washroom. He only drinks some milk and goes to school. After five minutes(分钟), he comes back and says, “Mom, I must go to the washroom!”

“Go to school first!” says his mother.

When David gets to school, it?s ten past eight. Mrs. White is giving an English lesson. “Do you finish your homework?” asks Mrs. White. “Yes,” all the students say.

“Then who can make a sentence(句子) with the word ?want??” asks Mrs. White. “Excuse me,” David stands up and says. “I want to go the washroom.” Mrs. White says, “Good. Sit down, please.”

David says, “I want to go to the washroom.” Then he runs to the washroom. All the students laugh(大笑).


从上面的故事我们知道David起床晚了导致闹笑话。看来平时上学的一天真的要规划好哦。请根据你的实际情况,写一篇文章介绍你上学一天的行程安排。 要求:1、语句通顺,可适当发挥;

2、60词左右。 ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

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