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By Zhao Ru yao

thousand num.


thousands of


safe adj.

fear v. & n.


Japanese adj.

Indian adj.


日本人; 日本的

fox n.

equator n.


spring n.


Have you ever been to these places? the Great Wall

the Palace Museum

the Terracotta Army

the Bird’s Nest

1a Match the pictures with names. c b
a d

c the Terracotta Army ____ ____ a the Great Wall ____ d the Bird’s Nest ____ b the Palace Museum

Listen to a student interviewing a foreign student. Check (√) the questions you hear.

____ √ Have you visited the Palace Museum? ____ √ Have you been to the Great Wall? ____ Have you been to the Bird’s Nest? ____ Have you seen the Terracotta Army? ____ √ Have you tried Chinese food?

1c Listen again and take notes.
Name: ______________________________ Peter
Country: ____________________________ Australia

How long in China: ____________________ two weeks
the Palace Museum, Places visited: ________________________
the Great Wall , the Bird’s Nest, the Terracotta Army _____________________________________

Food: _______________________________ Beijing Duck

Work in pairs.
1d What places have you been to? Ask your partner. Have you visited …?
Have you been to …?

Have you seen …?
Have you tried …?

What do you know about Singapore?

2a What do you know or want to know about Singapore? Discuss it with your group.

Introduce Singapore briefly
Made up: main island 63 small islands
Area: 697.1 square kilometres. Population: 3,437,300 (Chinese 76.2%, Malays 13.8%, Indians 8.3%, Others 1.7% )

Fill in the blanks according to the article.

Singapore’s A small island (1) geographical position ________________ in Southeast Asia (地理位置)

Language(s) people speak in Singapore Food we can find in Singapore

(2) Putonghua _____________ and ____________ English
Chinese food, (3) __________________ Indian food, western _____ food and Japanese food.

Name of the night (4) ___________ Night Safari zoo in Singapore

Temperature in

It is (5) _________ almost the
_____ same all year round.

Read the article. How many 2b reasons can you find for visiting Singapore?

The statements below are 2c false. Use information from the article to correct them.
1. Most people in Singapore only speak English. both English and Chinese 2. It is not easy to get many different kinds of good food in Singapore. very

3. It’s better to see lions and tigers

during the daytime because they will
probably be awake. at night 4. It’s best to visit Singapore in the autumn. whenever you like

2d Fill in the conversation about
Singapore using the information form the article. A: I am going to Singapore next week. _____ Have you ever been ____ there before? B: Yes, I’ve ____ been to Singapore many times. SoutheastAsia. It’s my favorite country in ________ speak there? A: What languages do people _____ B: Mostly Chinese and

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