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2014年仁爱英语八年级下短语归纳 2

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1看起来很兴奋 look excited have no friends to talk with 2 邀请某人做某事 invite sb to do sth 9. 对 ...... 感到担心 be worried about 3去看电影 go to the movies 10.别紧张take it easy 4 我最喜欢的电影之一 11.变得生气 get angry one of my favorite movies 12. 迷路 be lost 5过夜 spend the evening 13.倒塌,跌倒fall down 6为。。。准备。。。 prepare。。。for。。。 14. 似乎很担心 seem worried 7向某人道谢 say thanks to sb 15.尽力做某事try to do sth 8在某人去…途中 on one’s way (to) 。。。 16. 考试不及格 fail (in) the exam 9感到失望feel disappointed 17.在某人的这个年龄时at one’s age 10一张…票 a ticket to/for。。。 11.闻起来很香 smell nice 12.尝起来很可口 taste delicious 13. 似乎有一点不开心seem a little unhappy 14.滑稽又有趣funny and interesting 15.有,患病have got 16.立刻,马上at once/right now/right away 17.为…感到抱歉、难过、遗憾 feel sorry for。。。 18.听起来很优美sound beautiful 19.美国电影American movies 20.一个关于…的故事a story about 21.照顾care for 22.变得生气become angry 23.因为because of 24.教某人做…teach sb to do sth 25.使振作起来,使高兴起来cheer up 26.为某人加油cheer on 27.表演幽默的短剧 perform short,funny plays 28.首先at first 29.笑脸smiling face 30.形成,产生come into being 31.充满,挤满be full of 32.脸谱facial painting 33.同意某人的观点agree with sb 34.一个...的方法a way to 35.和某人和解make peace with 36.最后in the end 在...末尾at the end of 37.受...欢迎be popular with 38. 变得对...感兴趣become interested in Unit5 Topic2 1.好像做某事seem to do sth. 2. 在...方面做得差do badly in 3. 和某人谈一谈have a talk with sb. 4. 感到孤独feel lonely 5.为......而感谢thank you for (doing) sth 6. 对......要求严格be strict with/in 7. 文静而害羞 quiet and shy

18. 和某人交朋友 make friends with sb 19.给某人讲笑话tell sb jokes 20.使某人发笑 make sb laugh 21. 顺便问一下by the way 22.和王老师交谈之后

after talking with Miss Wang 23.很高兴做某事 be glad to do sth 24.发现学好英语很难

find it difficult to learn English well 25.对某人很友好 be friendly/kind to sb 26.希望做某事 wish to do sth. 27.几个月以前a few months ago 28.而且 what’s more 29.和往常一样 as usual 30.习惯于get/be used to 31.和......一样as ...as... 32.不如...not as...as... 33.害怕做某事 be afraid to do sth 34.处理,对待deal with 35.做某事是很正常的it’s normal to do sth 36.向...学习... learn ...from... 37.发疯 go mad 38.拒绝做某事 refuse to do sth. 39.尽管,即使 even though 40. 不再 not ...any longer/no longer Unit5 Topic3 1.进行测试have a test 2.做演讲give a speech 3.变得紧张/恐惧get nervous/frightened 4. 在 ... 方面做得好 do well in 5.感到害羞feel shy 6.因为你的帮助because of your help 7.卧病在床be ill in bed 8.在公共场所in public 9. 看见……正在做某事 see sb doing sth 10.遵照某人的建议 follow sb’s advice 11.从...上摔下来 fall off 12.生病be sick

13.对...有信心 be confident about 14.为...感到自豪be proud of 15.心情很糟糕in a bad mood


16.互相帮助help each other 28.一点也不not at all

17.给某人一个惊喜/惊讶give sb. a surprise 29. 去游泳 go swimming 18.上演,放映 put on 30.去购物go shopping 19.正如,就像just as Unit6 Topic2 20.为……做准备get ready for... 1.忙于做某事be busy doing /with sth 21.一直,总是 all the time 2.度假on vacation

22.和某人聚在一起get together with sb. 3.做计划make a plan 23.充满,填满,用...把...装满fill with 4. 期待做某事 look forward to doing sth 24.居住在某地 live in somewhere 5. 做…怎么样 ? How about doing sth 25.挤满了be crowded with 6. 享受旅行enjoy one’s trip 26.做某事有困难have trouble (in)doing 7.和。。。一起来come along with 27.仔细思考think over 28.做决定make a decision 29.心情好/精神美好in good spirits 30.记得做某事 remember to do sth 31.从…得到帮助 get help from... 32.照顾 take care of 33.保持好心情 stay in a good mood 34.有好的睡眠have good sleep 35.回到......上,继续get back to 36.例如 such as Unit6 Topic1 1.春游spring field trip 2.去泰山参观(旅游) go on a visit to Mount Tai 3.一次三天的旅游 a three-day visit 4.查明,找出 find out 5. 通过电话 over the phone 6. 决定,选定 decide on 7.作决定make a decision 8.做某事最好的方式 the best way to do sth 9.总的时间 total time 10.到达arrive in/at 11.付款pay for 12.硬卧hard sleeper 13.软卧soft sleeper 14.标准房standard room 15.单人床single bed 16.筹钱raise money 17.想出think of 18.决定做某事decide to do sth 19.建议某人做某事advise sb to do sth 20.上演put on 21.期盼(做)某事look forward to doing sth 22.收到某人的来信hear from 23.在正午 at noon 24.给某人端上... serve ...to sb 25.拍照take photos 26.到达顶部get to the top 27.如此……以致……so。。。that。。。

8.算出,制定出,完成work out 9. 在…的中心 in the center of 10.对某人意义重大be quite meaningful to sb. 11.在。。。北部in the north of 12. 在。 。 。东部 to the east of 13.迫不急待要做某事can’t wait to do sth. 14. 对。 。 。感到惊讶 be surprised at 15.踩在某人的脚上step one’s feet 16.朝四面八方in all direction 17.挤出去push one’s way out 18.跳来跳去jump around 19.情不自禁地做某事can’t help doing sth. 20.Thank goodness! 谢天谢地 21. 去野营 go camping 22. 迷路 get lost

Unit6 Topic3 1. 发生交通事故 have a traffic accident 2.习惯于(做)某事 be/used to doing sth 3.害怕做某事be afraid of (doing )sth 4. 遵守交通规则 obey the traffic rules 5.节约能源save energy 6.停放自行车park bikes 7.不同意某人的意见 disagree with sb 8.严重受伤be badly hurt 9.送某人去… send sb to... 11.错转弯make a wrong turn 12.违反交通规则 break the traffic rules 13.处在危险中be in danger 14.被罚款 get a fine 15.万一,如果in case of 16.急救first aid 17.注意 pay attention to 18.总之in a word 19.当心look out /be carefull 20.流入empty into 21.一两天one or two days 22.穿过go through Unit7 Topic1


1.了解 know about 6.干得好 Well done!

2.举行(办)一次美食节 7.一块(片,条,首等)a piece of have/hold a food festival 8. 把 ... 切成 ( 碎片 )cut sth into (small pieces) 3.筹钱 raise money 9.把...放在...上put...on... 4.试图做某事 try to do sth 10.随便吃... help oneself to 5.向...求助turn to... 11.第一次for the first time 6.制作海报make a poster 12.西方的餐桌礼节 western table manner 7.和…取得联系get in touch with 13.在餐桌旁at the table 8.使它成功make it a success 14.以...开始start with 9.摆放餐具set the table 10.考虑think about 11.尽最大的努力(做) try one’s best (to do) 12.喜欢吃甜食have a sweet tooth 13.西方食品western food 14.诸如such as 15.美国巧克力饼干 American chocolate cookies 16.希腊奶油派Greek cheese pie 17.意大利比萨饼Italian pizza 18.中国的炒饭和饺子 Chinese fried rice and dumplings 19.日本的寿司Japanese sushi 20.南非的牛肉咖喱South African beef curry 21.俄罗斯的黑面包Russian black bread 22.而且What’s more 23.足够好good enough 24. 不客气,不用谢It’s a pleasure 25. 没关系,不要紧never mind 26.稍后later on 27.寄给某人某物 send sb.sth. = send sth. to sb 28.出生于be born 29.度过我的儿童时期spend my childhood 30.改变我的一生change my life 31.代替,而不是instead of 32. 结果as a result 33. in order to(do) 为了 (做) 34.在操场on the playground 35.为...工作work for 36.成为现实,实现come true 37.打电话make phone calls Unit7 Topic2 1.炒米饭 make fried rice 2.不确定是否be not sure whether… 3.把一些熟肉切碎 cut some cooked meat finely 4.切碎,剁碎 cut up 5.把...放入... put ...in..

15.吃完,吃光 eat up 16.大声说speak loukly 17.为某人/某事干杯(或祝酒)drink to sb 18.喝一小口take only a little 19. 完成做某事 finish doing sth.

20.使用某物来做某事use sth to do sth 21.指向point at 22.全世界 around the world 23.饮食习惯 eating habit 24.t 两道或更多的菜 wo or more courses 25. 远离某地 far away from 26.拿起,捡起,接某人 pick up 27.两者都both of 28.Unit7 Topic3 同时at the same time 1.玩得开心,过得愉快have a wonderful time 2. 出售 for sale 3. 寄给某人某物 /送某人去某地send…to... 4. 祝某人成功 wish sb success 5. 玩的愉快 enjoy oneself 6. 举办美食节 hold a food festival 7.通过电话订餐order a meal by phone 8.在北四环路62号

at NO.62 on Beisihuan Road 9.三十分钟以后(将来)in thirty minutes 10.请坐have a seat 11.进展顺利 go well 12. 和 ... 两者都 both …and... 13.和…一样开心...as happy as... 14.简而言之,总之 in short 15. 不但...而且...not only…but (also)… 16.对某人重要be important for sb 17. 不多也不少never too much or too little 18.不同种类的食品different kinds of foods 19.使我们更健康make us more healthy 20.据说 It’s said that 21. 对…有害处 be bad for Unit8 Topic1 1.在三楼on the third floor 2.为。。。买。。。buy…for… 3.如此…以致于…so...that... 4.在学校门口at the school gate 5. 举办班级时装秀


have a class fashion show 25.在某人看来in one’s opinion

6.支付不起…can’t afford ... 26.一块布a piece of clothing

7.够到那些苹果get the apple 27. 和...一样the same as

8.男装部Men’s Wear Section 28.除...之外,也,还as well as

9.女装部Women’s Wear Section 29.

10.鞋帽部Shoes and Hats Section

11.多大号 what size


13.立刻,马上 .at once

14.以便,为了so that 15.环顾四周look around


make them look slimmer

17.简单的风格simple style

18.穿黑色的衣服 in dark clothes

19.由...制成 be made of

20.开始做 start to do

21.保护…免遭... 侵害protect…from…

22.多过,超过more than

23.保暖keep warm

24.例如 for example Unit8 Topic2

1.为...做... make…for…

2.穿在某人身上看着很丑 look ugly on sb

3.取决于;依靠,依赖 depend on

4独自,单独,独立地 by oneself

5.同意某人的看法 agree with

6.乐意做某事be glad to do sth

7.穿便衣,便服wear plain clothes

8.开展,执行 carry out

9.陷入困境in trouble

10. 阻止某人做某事

stop sb from doing sth.

11.脱下,起飞take off

12.进到某人的家里enter someone’s home

13.在任何场合on every occasion

14.穿衣得体dress correctly

15. 太多too much

16.保持安静keep quiet

17.听老师说listen to the teacher


It’s +adj(for sb) to do sth./It’s +adj

+that ...

19. 显示出良好的纪律性

show good discipline

20.在机场 at the airport

21.穿(衣服,鞋...)dress in(...)

22.驾驶飞机fly the plane

23.穿制服 in uniform

24.在日常生活中in the daily life

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