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[名校联盟]江苏省宿迁市宿城区中扬实验学校七年级英语《unit3 Finding your way》Welcome to the unit2

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Unit 3 Finding your way
Zx xk

Welcome to the unit

Where do birds fly when winter comes?

They fly to the south.

north northwest




southwest south


Hospital Museum


Where is …
Zoo School
Post Office Cinema

Park Restaurant
Shopping Mall

The post office is north of the cinema.

The zoo is west ____ of the school.
north of the The restaurant is _________ shopping mall.

restaurant is northeast of the The __________

The zoo is north of Beijing Sunshine Secondary School. The Sunnyside Garden is north-west of the zoo. The Lake Park is south-west of Beijing Secondary School.
Zx xk

5 7 3
Beijing Sunshine Secondary School

the Zoo


6 1

the Sunnyside Garden 5 the Lake Park



How do you usually go on a trip? I usually go on a trip by bike. by car. by underground. on foot. by taxi. by train. by plane/air. by ship/sea. …



You and your partner are talking about the ways to get to the places in the map. Use Simon and Daniel’s conversation as a model. OK. We can go by bus Let’s go to the zoo.

------Let’s go to…

------OK. We can…

Why don’t we…? What about…? Why not…?

Where is …?

north How can we go there?




Picture and recorder

1.Where are Hobo and Eddie standing?
On top of a hill.

2.How does Hobo go down the hill?
Hobo jumps down.

3.What does the sign say?
It says “Dogs this way”. 4.Do they have to go up the hill again?

Yes, they do.

Follow me, Eddie. I know the way.

Are you sure, Hobo?

Let’s go down here.

No, I can’t.

Don’t be afraid. Come with me.

Eddie, I think we have to go up again.

Oh, no!

follow --go or come after Follow me, please. Spring follows winter. down Sit down, please. Go down the stairs.

afraid ---be afraid of The little is afraid of dogs. Don’t be afraid.

1. Let’s enjoy Beijing opera here. (同义句)

Shall we enjoy Beijing opera here?
2. Be late for school. (否定句) Don’t be late for school. 3. I think we can go there by taxi. (否定句) I don’t think we can go there by taxi.

4. She goes to the zoo by bus. (提问) How does she go to the zoo?
5. Simon walks to the supermarket. (同义句)

Simon goes to the supermarket on foot. 6. They go to the park by bike. (同义句) They ride a bike to the park.

1.别太确定.我们请老师帮忙吧. Don’t be so sure. Let’s ask the teacher for help. 2.别害怕。我们都会帮你的。 Don’t be afraid. We are all here to help you.

3.别那么做。 Don’t do it like that.


Let’s help Miss Li carry the books.
5.汤姆正在爬山。 Tom is climbing up the hill. 6.有些人害怕狗。 Some people are afraid of dogs.

1. Read the text book and learn the new words and phrases by heart. 2. Do the exercises in the workbook.

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