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No.23 Middle School Ma Zhengyan 2013.12.23

Mr. Bean is a foodie. He always eats (eat) something delicious on weekends. He has . already tasted (taste) all Mr. Bean kinds of foods in different countries. Last Friday, I met (meet) him in a Chinese restaurant. At that time, he was enjoying (enjoy) dumplings. I told . (tell) him about Beijing Duck. Look! Now, he is driving (drive) to the airport. He will come . (come) to China to eat Beijing Duck. What a foodie he is!

Ⅱ.Complete the table.
现在进行时 过去进行时 一般现在时 一般过去时 一般将来时 现在完成时

结构 式
主 + am/is/are+ doing 主 + was/were +doing

主 + do/does
主 + did 主 + will + do 主 + has/have +done

watches carries walks

is drinking
bought has cut was making are learning grew have kept

will be met were driving slept is looking for will give has gone

are studying will borrow
have become was laughing ate will mix put let cut hit read hurt cost set



单项选择 词汇运用 连词成句 3 2






例题点拨——单项选择 ( 限时 1分钟完成)
1.You B . Don’t talk on the phone. A. will drive B. are driving C. were driving D. have driven 2.Don’t return the radio to Peter, IC it. A. don’t watch B. won’t watch C. haven’t watched D. wasn’t watching 3.The twins didn’t go to the theatre, they D the light music all night. A. have enjoyed B. will enjoy C. are enjoying D. were enjoying

技巧点拨:1. 读选项,辨时态。 2. 读题干,理解语境或找出时间状语。

例题点拨——词语运用 ( 限时 1分钟完成)
meet fly a kite

1. In spring, Jim often flies a kite in the Red Star Park. 2. Michael met his old friend Lily this morning.

技巧点拨:1. 2. 态。 3. 4.

辨词性。 找到时间状语,确定时 写出正确的结构式。 注意主谓一致。

例题点拨——连词成句 ( 限时 1分钟完成)
1.lend, Sam, MP5, to, I , yesterday, my

I lent my Mp5 to Sam yesterday.
2.match, a, now, be, TV, football, there, on

There is a football match on TV now.

技巧点拨:1. 2. 3. 4.

根据所给词,确定句子大意。 确定句子基本结构。 根据时间状语确定句子时态。 注意主谓一致。

强化训练:( 限时 5 分钟完成)
1. My brother left school in 2005, and since then he _____ in Beijing. A. lives B. lived C. will live D. has lived 2. I didn’t hear you because I _____ the news on the radio. A. listen to B. am listening to C. listened to D. was listening to 3.I _____ my homework, I guess I can’t join you. A. don’t finish B. didn’t finish C. haven’t finished D. won’t finish 4. Your sweater looks smart. Where _____ you _____ it? A. do; get B. did; get C. will; get D. have; got 5. Miss Zhang, the most beautiful teacher, _____ many flowers and letters these days. A. received B. will receive C. was rec

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