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Unit 8

Have you read Treasure Island yet?

? 1、知识目标:
? A:学习并掌握现在完成时的用法,学习 already, yet 在现在完成时中的用法。 ? B:核心句型预览: ? (1)Have you read Treasure Island ? ? Yes, I have./ No, I haven’t. ? (2) Have you decided which book to write about yet? Yes, I have./ No, I haven’t.

? 2、能力目标: 能够运用现在完成时

? 3、情感目标: 激发学生对国内外文

? 4、重点、难点
? 重点:学习用:Have you…yet ? I have already…等谈论过去的经历。 ? 难点:初步理解already, yet 在现在完成时 的用法,掌握常用动词的过去分词形式。

What kinds of books do you like?
Space Hero

Romantic of Three Kingdoms

Have you read these books?

Language Goal: Talk about recent events and experiences

1a. Have you heard of these books? Check (?) the ones you know.
? Alice in Wonderland ? Little Women ____

____ Treasure Island

? Oliver Twist ____
____ Robinson Crusoe

? Tom Sawyer ____

1b. Listen and complete the chart.
Book title Name Have they read it? What do they think of it?

Nick Not yet. Yes. Treasure Island Judy Robinson Crusoe Sandy Not yet. Yes. Robinson Crusoe Alan Little Women Kate Yes. Harry Not yet. Little Women
Treasure Island

Exciting Wonderful Fantastic

1c Practice the conversation. Then talk about the other books in la.
A: Have you read Little Women yet? B: No, I haven't. Have you? A: Yes, I’ve already read it. B: What’s it like? A: It’s fantastic.

? 构成: ? 1、肯定式:主语+助动词 have/ has + 动词的过 去分词+ 其他 ? 2、否定式:主语+ have/ has not + 过去分词 + 其他 ( have not 缩写为haven’t, has not 缩写为 hasn’t ) ? 3、一般疑问句式: 将have/has 提到主语前,即: Have / Has + 主语+ 过去分词+…? ? 肯定回答: Yes, 主语+ have/ has. ? 否定回答:No, 主语+ haven’t / hasn’t.

? already 通常用于肯定句中,意为“已 经”。 ? yet 一般用于疑问句中(意为“已经)和 否定句中(意为 “还”), 一般放在句末。 ? For example: ? I have already seen the film, ? Have you seen the film yet ?

? 注意: already , yet 与现在完成时连用。

A: Have you read Alice in Wonderland yet? B: No, I haven't. Have you? A: Yes, I’ve already read it. B: How is it? A: It’s wonderful.

A: Have you read Oliver Twist yet? B: Oh, no. I’ve not read it yet. What about you? A: Well, I’ve already read it. B: What do you think of it? A: It’s fantastic.

2a. Listen. Who has read these books? Circle the names.
1. Treasure Island 2. Oliver Twist 3. Robinson Crusoe 4. Tom Sawyer Mark / Tina Mark / Tina Mark / Tina Mark / Tina

2b. Listen again and write T for true and F for false.
1.Oliver Twist is about a boy who goes out

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