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him tired with a bag on his back. “ ” I said. The uncle replied, “ No, thanks. ” “ Please sit here, I’m very young, and you are (4) older, ”to the man, “He’s a good boy. It’s good manners (行为) to give one’”



Long long ago. an elephant and a monkey lived in the same forest. They were good friends, but both of them were very proud. The elephant thought of himself strong, and the monkey felt himself quick.

One day they went to ask the old bird, “Can you tell us which is (1) m important, strong or quick?” The old bird didn’t give them the answer at once. Instead he (2) tthem to get some bananas on the other side of the river and bring them to him.

So the elephant and the monkey went to the river, but ran so fast that the monkey was afraid.

“Get on my back ,Monkey.” Said the elephant. “I shall take you there. I’m big and strong, the river.”

hard to reach the bananas, but they were too high” Wait a (6) m, please. I can climb, said the monkey. He quickly ran up the (7) and passed the bananas to the elephant.

happily to the old bird and showed him the bananas.” Now, you see, the elephant is strong.” Said the old bird (9)wa smile, “but he couldn’t get the bananas; the monkey is quick. But he couldn’t cross the river. Only you two could do the work well when other.”



Long, long ago, there was a foolish man. One night he went out for a . Suddenly he saw a well (井). He looked into it. The water in the well was clear. The man the moon in the water. “The moon has fallen down the well.” He said, “I must get it .” He ran home to get a rope (绳子) and it into the water. He wanted to catch the moon and pull it .

“Catch the end of the rope and hold it,” he said, “I’ll pull you out.” But the rope fell round the rock (岩石) in the well. He pulled and pulled, but the rope move. He pulled harder and moved a little. Then he pulled very hard, and the rope came off (脱离) the rock. The man on his back, he saw the moon in the sky, he was very . “Good!” he said, “ I’ve pulled the moon into the sky!”



his home work. His granny was going to do . Suddenly (突然地him. Liu 躺a word. He telephoned the at once. Ten minutes , came. They sent the old woman to the hospital.


根据下面的图画和短文的内容,在短文的空格内填上适当的单词, 一空一词。

It was a afternoon. Xiao Ming was on his way home from . Suddenly he saw

an old man in the rain .The old man hadn’t got an umbrella (伞) him and he was wet all over. Xiao Ming went up to him and tried to he failed .He was too enough. Then he saw the old man’s stick (手杖 )and he tried hard to tie it to the handle (柄) of the umbrella. This time the umbrella was made to be long enough and it stopped the old man getting wet. The old man was very pleased and 看图填词练习(六)

Praise for the Future

It’s just the new century. To welcome the new age and the new world, a child (1) a

poem to predict and give good (2) every family member. The father, mother, grandfather and grandmother are waiting anxiously and smilingly (3) the content.

As it is said, the (4) “Praise for the Future”. The little child’s wishes are: “The

dad’s singing will be as loud as noise; the grandpa’s head will be as shaven as the forest; the mum’s hair will be as dark as the river; the grandma’s eyes will be as dim as the moon and the sun.” After (5) these words, everyone is surprised and stops the smile.

What really caused the child to think so? The (6) are that there are so many terrible

things happened in this world. The forest has been cut down. The rivers have been (7) and turned into black water. The houses have been surrounded by the noises and there are clouds

or smog in the sky which have blocked the sun and the moon. The most awful thing is that the child thinks (8) is not unusual. These phenomena have been received and rooted in the child’s brain. So it is time for us to take some measures to (9) our living surroundings. (10) the earth will be destroyed by our hands.


This is (1) interesting picture. In the (2) of it is a big jar (缸). In the side

of the jar there are a lot of (3) Four men are busy (4) water with their buckets (桶) and pouring (倒) water into it.

But immediately the water comes out (5) the holes while they are pouring it. There is water all over the ground. (6) these men feel nothing at all. They go on with their work no matter (7) I don’t think it is a true story. But it (8) things ---- they work hard (9) of its results. In the end they get (10) from their work.


Xiao Hong is a primary school student. On her (1) , she has to do all kinds of extra

work. On Saturday (2) , she has to practise the piano. In the afternoon, her parents want her to practise writing. On Sunday morning, she is to be (3) English lessons. On Sunday afternoon, she has to learn (4) . Does this girl really have so (5) Nowadays, parents in china place too great hope (6) their children are (7) (8) in these lessons. Children will be children. They must have some free time to enjoy (10) proverb goes, “All work and no play makes Jack dull boy.”

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