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can 用于表示“________” 能,会 ,如: 汤姆会骑马。___________________ Tom can ride a horse. Can you…? 表达 “邀请或建议 ____________”, 答语:同意用 Sure, _________________ I’d love to. 不同意用 Sorry, __________________________ I can’t. I … __________________________ 或 I’m afraid not. I have to … 如:恐怕不行,我要去探望我的姑姑。 I’m afraid not. I have to visit my aunt. __________________________________


1. take a trip 去旅行=travel 2. the opening of ? ??的开幕式/落成典礼 3. last fall 去年秋天4. go bike riding去骑车 5. look forward to 盼望;期待 6. turn down= refuse 拒绝 7.Without telling不告诉 7. study/prepare for the exam备考 8. at the end of this month 这个月末 9. reply in writing书面回复 10. not ? until 直到???才 11. go to the concert去听音乐会 12. too much homework太多作业 13. have a surprise party for sb.为某人举办一个惊 喜派对14.Would like to do sth.喜欢做 15. thank you/thanks for (doing) sth因?而感谢 16.Maybe another time=maybe next time下次 17hang out with同??闲逛 18.how to do that如何做


1. 去旅行=travel 2. 的开幕式/落成典礼 3. 去年秋天 4. 去骑车 5. 盼望;期待 6. 拒绝 7.不告诉 7. 备考 8. 这个月末 9. 书面回复 10. 直到???才 11. 去听音乐会 12. 太多作业 13. 为某人举办一个惊喜派对14.喜欢做 15. 因?而感谢 16.下次

1、为……做准备 prepare for 2、去看医生 go to the doctor 3、患感冒 have the flu 4、帮助我的父母 help my parents 5、来参加聚会 come to the party another time 6、其他时间 last fall 7、去年秋天 go to the party 8、去聚会 9、闲逛, 常去某处; hang out 10、后天 the day after tomorrow 11、前天 the day before yesterday 12、上钢琴课 have a piano lesson 13、照看;照顾 look after=take care of=care for 14、接受邀请 accept an invitation 15、拒绝邀请 turn down an invitation 16、去旅行 take a trip 17、这个月末 at the end of this month

18、盼望;期待 look forward to 19、期盼做某事 look forward to doing sth. 20、去听音乐会 go to the concert 21、直到……才 not…until 22、会见我的朋友 meet my friend 23、拜访祖父母 visit grandparents 24、为考试学习 study for a test 25、不得不 have to too much homework 26、太多作业 27、去看电影 go to the movies 28、.邀请某人做某事 invite sb. to do sth 29、做某事很悲伤 be sad to do sth. see sb. do sth. 30、看到某人做某事 31、.为某人举办一个惊喜派对 have a surprise party for sb 32、 ……的开幕式/落成典礼 the opening of… 33、答复某事/某人 reply to sth./sb. 34、今天是什么日子? What’s today?


Can you?

1. 问“日期”的句型有:

What’s the date today? 今天是几号?
或 What date is it today? “日期

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