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Jack,English homework

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Mrs. Kowalski live in an old Polish neighborhood in Chicago. They speak a little English, but usually they speak Italian.

They read the Italian newspaper. They listen to Italian radio programs.

They shop at the Italian grocery store around the corner from their apartment building. And every day they visit their friends and neighbors and talk about life back in “the old country.”

Mrs. Kowalski is upset about her son, Michael, and his wife, Kathy. They live in a small suburb outside the city. They speak a little Italian, but usually they speak English. They read American newspapers. They listen to American radio programs. They shop at big suburban supermarkets and shopping malls. And when he visits his friends and neighbors, they always speaks English.

In fact, they speaks Italian only when they call his parents on the telephone, or when they visits them every weekend.

Mrs. Kowalski is sad because their son, Michael, and his wife speaks so little Italian. They’re afraid they forgetting, his language, his culture, and his country.

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