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2014届中考英语复习训练 完形填空(含点评)(81)

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Mary and Peter were having a picnic near a river when Mary noticed something flying overhead.“ 1 ,” she shouted to her friends. “ That’s a spaceship up there and it’s going to 2 here.”

Frightened(吓唬) by the strange silver colored spaceship, 3 of the young people got in their 4 and drove away quickly. Peter __5_ Mary and always close to her. They, more 6 than frightened, watched the spaceship land, saw a door open. When nobody 7 , they went to the spaceship and looked into。In the center of the floor 8__ was a pile of food. Peter followed Mary into the spaceship and didn’t __9_ the door close behind him. The temperature fell quickly and the __10 young people lost consciousness(知觉).

When they woke up, they were 11 to see that they were back by the river 12 . The spaceship had gone. Their car was nearby.

“What 13 ?” said Mary.

“Don’t ask me; perhaps we had a 14 .” Peter said slowly. “Did you ? did you see a spaceship?”

“Yes,” said Mary. “Oh, Peter, we 15 have seen a UFO coming from another world.”

1. A. Look

2. A. arrive

3. A. none

4. A. cars

5. A. knew

6. A. afraid B. Come C. Stop D. Stand D. leave B. come C. land B. some C. many D. most D. buses B. rooms C. houses D. met B. liked C. saw B. worried C. careful

B. came over D. came round

C. that D. curious (好奇) 7. A. come along C. came out 8. A. it B. there

D. this 9. A. know 10. A. two B. think B. three C. hear C. four D. hope D. five


11. A. happy

12. A. again B. surprised B. too C. interested D. ready D. finally C. later

13. A. started

14. A. rest

15. A. could

名师点评 B. stopped C. happened D. landed C. drink D. walk D. must B. dream B. would C. should 这是一篇科幻短文。彼得和玛丽在河边野餐时遇不明飞行物,不知不觉中进了飞船,便很快失去了知觉。醒来时又回到了原地,就好像做了一场梦。故事连贯性强,要通过上下文的理解才能顺利完成。


1. A。提示某人看,故用look。

2. C。从上文的描述中可以推断: 宇宙飞船将要着陆。

3. D。上文说:突如其来的飞船使大家非常害怕,理所当然,人人都要逃离。

4. A。从drove away中可以得到提示。

5. B。下文说:彼得 always close to her。这说明:彼得喜欢玛丽。

6. D。他们两人也害怕,但好奇心更为强烈,故选D。

7. C。上文说:他们看见宇宙飞船的门开了。推断下文:但里面没有人出来。

8. B。这里是个 there be句型。

9. C。彼得跟随玛丽进了宇宙飞船,但是他们没有听见关门的声音。

10. A。Peter+ Mary=two young people。

11. B。进了宇宙飞船,怎么现在又回到了原处,这使他们二人感到惊讶。

12. A。原来在河边,现在又回到了河边。

13. C。玛丽问:怎么回事?

14. B。彼得也闹不清是怎么回事,于是他说:我们也许是做了个梦。

15. D。肯定判断用must,否定判断用can’t。


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