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七年级英语This is my sister课件2

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Unit 3 This is my sister.

单数变复数 this 变 these that 变 those he/she/it 变they
is 变成 are

名词后边加s: boy—boys
girl___girls 你的我的他/她的都不变. 物主代词不与a/an并用。

e.g 1.This is my brother. These are my brothers. 2. Is that your sister? Are those your sisters? 3.She is my friend. They are my friends.

Is this /that…….?

Yes, it is./ No, it isn’t.
Is he /she …? Yes, he/she is ./ No, he/she isn’t.

1.Is this your dictionary? Yes, it is.
2. Is that his watch? No. it isn’t. 3.How do you spell pencil? 4.Is this his sister? Yes, it is. 5. Is that your uncle? No. it isn’t. 6. These are my aunts. 7. Those are her cousins. 8.Is he your father?
9.Is she his grandmother? 10. He isn’t my grandfather.. 11. Is he Mr. Green’s son?

12. Is she Mr. Hand’s daughter?

1. Is he your brother? No, he isn’t.
2. Is she your mother? No, she isn’t. 3. Is he her father? Yes, he is . 4. Is this your grandfather? Yes, it is. 5. Is that his brother? No, it isn’t.

6. Is she our teacher? No, she isn’t.
7. She isn’t her sister.

8. Who is he?
9. Who’s that?

10.These are his uncles.


1。 这是你的姐姐吗?是的。
Is this your sister? Yes ,it is.

Is that his brother? No ,it isn’t.

3。她是你的奶奶吗?不是的。 Is she your grandmother? No, she isn’t.
4。他是她的爸爸吗?是的。 Is he her father? Yes, he is.

5.他是我的叔叔. He is my uncle. 6.他是她的爸爸.
He is her father.

7.她不是他的妹妹 She isn’t her sister.
8.她是他的表姐吗? 是的 Is she his cousin? Yes, she is .

daughter 1.Lucy is a girl. She is her father’s _________.
2.Jim is his father’s ________. son

aunt 3.My father’s sister is my __.
4. Kate’s father’s brother is her _________. uncle

cousin 5. Tim’s father is my uncle, so Tim is my ________. father mother 6.His parents are his ______ and _______
7.My grandparents are my ______ grandfather and

grandmother ____.

1. These are my brothers.

2. Those are her sisters.
3. These are her friends.

4. These are boys.
5. Those are girls. 6. These are my pens. 7. Those are your keys. 8. These are erasers. 9. Those are ID cards. 10.These are red pens.

Dave: This is my mother. Mom, this is Lin Hai.

Lin Hai: Nice to meet you!
Mom: Nice to meet you, Lin Hai.

Dave: And these are my grandparents.
Grandparents: Hi, Lin Hai. Lin Hai: Hello! Dave: And this is my sister, Mary, and this is my brother, Jim.

father UNIT 3 This is my sister mother parents


grandparents This is my/her/his … friend That is my /her/his…

This is Jiang Qinqin’s family photo UNIT 3 This is my sister

Is this her mother / father? Yes, it is./ No, it isn’t.

This is Xie Tingfeng’s family photo

Is this his…?
Yes, it is./ No, it isn’t.

UNIT 3 This is my sister

Is this your…? Yes, it is./ No, it isn’t.

UNIT 3 This is

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