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7B Unit8 综合练习三

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7B Unit8 综合练习三 姓名___________


1. I bought something to drink on my way home.(改成一般疑问句)

_______ you _________ _________ on your way home? 对划线部分提问)

________ _________ do you walk your dog?

3. The farmers had to work in the sun. (改为否定句)

The farmers_________ ___________ to work in the sun.

4. You mustn’t play with your dogs in the street, boys and girls.(改为同义句)

Boys and girls, ________ ________ with your dogs in the street.

5. I could ride a bike when I was six years old. (改为同义句)

I ______ _______ _______ ride a bike______ ________ _______ _______

6. People used woods to make houses a long time ago. (改为同义句)

People ________ houses ________ ________ woods a long time ago.

7. I could see nothing without the glasses.(改为同义句)

I __________ see __________ without the glasses. 对划线部分提问)

_________ __________ ________ the new born baby_________?

_________ ________ __________ ________the new born baby?



I ___________ Mimi and _________________________________ every day.


Wangwang is ______________________. He likes _________________________________.


Dogs like ______________________. You need ______________________ them once a day.


My cat is very ___________. She doesn’t like ___________ in the ___________. She likes to sleep ______________________.


Some animals can ____________________________________________.


They __________________________________________, so they didn’t feel cold at night.


The teachers don’t like that boy because he often _________________________________.


The policemen are _________ _________ the lost child_______.


If you want to keep pets, you should _________________________________________ them.


The box is very ___________; I can easily ____________________________________.

11. 在太阳下看书对你的眼睛不好。

___________ _________ the sun is _________ __________ your eyes.

12. 那条狗睁大眼找着它的球。

The dog are looking for this ball __________ ___________ __________ .

13. 我的狗从不大叫和咬人,我会永远照顾他。

My dog never ___________ __________ __________. And I’ll look after him __________ __________ ____________.

14. 你怕你爸爸吗? 不,他很和气的。

__________ you _________ _________ your father? No, he is very kind.

15. 这些老人在敬老院一直生活得很幸福。

These old men are very __________ _________ ________ __________ in the old people’s home.


In today’s society (社会), there are more and more problems between parents and their children. Many of them are always having such a question:”Why do we often argue(争吵)?”

As parents, they show their love for children in many different ways. They cook delicious food and new clothes for them. They are about their children’s studies as well. Parents always say to their children like these all the time, “You must study hard”, “You should finish your homework before you go to bed!”, “Why don’t you prepare for your exam?”.

When the children get bad points in studies, their parents will be very angry. They will stop their children watching TV, playing computer games or even going outside until they make progress(进步). Why? Most families have only one child. The only child is the hope of the whole family, so, they want their child to better than any other students.

Many children want to do things in their own ways. They want to do many unusual and special things that their parents dislike. They like pop music, stars and other new things. They spend a lot of time chatting online and playing QQ games. In their parents’ eyes , these are a waste(浪费) of time. For these reasons, parents and

1.___________ 2.___________ 3.___________ 4.___________ 5.___________

6.___________ 7.___________ 8.___________ 9.___________ 10.___________


A man was afraid of doctors. Once he needed to pull out one of his t___1____ because of his toothache(牙痛). He wanted to forget the pain(疼痛), but he f___2___.

This time he really c____3___ stand(忍受) the pain, so his wife asked him to s___4___athe dentist(牙医) directly. But when he saw the pliers(钳子) going into his m__5___, he stopped the dentist at once. Just then a nurse g___6___ him a cup of whisky(威士忌) and asked him to d___7___ it. After that, the dentist asked, “Do you have courage (勇气) now?” “No,” the man a___8___ honestly. Then he got the second cup of whisky, the third cup ….!

Finally, the dentist asked again, “Are you s___9____ afraid?” The man suddenly stood up and shouted, “No, but I want to see w____10____ dares(敢) touch my teeth!”

1.___________ 2.___________ 3.___________ 4.___________ 5.___________

6.___________ 7.___________ 8.___________ 9.___________ 10.___________

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