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七年级英语This is me课件9

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Unit One This is me Main task and check out

(1) How old is the girl? (2) Does she often play tennis with her brother?

I am a student of No. 1 Middle school. I am thirteen years old. I have a round face, two big eyes and a small mouth. I think I am a lovely girl. I have a brother. He is fifteen years old. He is in a school tennis team. He is good at it.He often plays tennis with his classmates on a tennis court at weekends. But he doesn’t like playing it with me, because I am not good at it.

Jim’s family are in the sitting room.There are five people in

it. The man in a black coat is Jim’s father, Mr. Green. The
woman in a red sweater is Mrs. Green. They look young. The little boy is Jim. The baby is Jim’s sister, Kate. Who’s the tall man behind Mrs. Green? Oh, he’s her brother. He looks young, too. (1). How many people are there in Jim’s father? (2). What is Jim’s father’s name?

(3). Who is behind Mrs. Green?

Eddie ____ is the newest member in Millie’s family. 2 years old and He is ___

fat he looks____. He was born in Beijing _______.Now he lives in Millie’s house.
big mouth.His He has yellow ____ hair and ____ eyes are dark ____ brown and very small.Eddie likes nice ____ food very much. He is good at eating ____ .He likes pizza best. But he is not good at doing sport ____ .How lazy he is!

Eddie’s profile
Name Age Birthplace

Living place
He looks He likes

Eddie ____ 2 Beijing Millie’s house _____________ fat,yellow hair,big mouth __________________
small,dark brown eyes

nice food He is good at ____________ eating He is not _____________ doing sport
good at

Name: Millie Age: 12

Birthplace: Beijing

Living place: Beijing

School name: Beijing Sunshine Secondary School

She looks: not very tall, dark brown eyes, short and black hair listening to music She likes: reading English and Chinese
She is good at: English

Name: Daniel Age: 11

Birthplace: Nanjing
He looks: He likes:

Living place: Beijing

short, black hair, wear glasses all his lessons, playing computer games sport

He isn’t good at:

How to write a profile age I am …years old birthday My birthday is on… I was born in… birthplace I live on…road. address height I am (… tall). I appearance

hobbies Advantages/disadvantages Hope

I have…/I wear… I look strong/… I like/enjoy/love…

I am (not) good at… I want to be…




badminton brother short basketball friend slim badminton basketball brother mother swimming strong friend mother short sister sister tennis tall slim strong swimming tall tennis

Name: Birthplace: School name: Your family: You look: You like: Age: Living place: Class: Grade:

You are good at:
You are not good at:

You hope:

Hi , I am ___(be) Tom. I am 12 years old. My birthday th October. I was born in Changzhou. ____ (be) on 8 is I have ____(have) a little brother. He __(be) 11. He ___ is likes (like) reading .but he _____________(not do) work doesn’t work

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