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七年级英语Troubles Reading课件1

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What is the meaning of trouble?

trouble 麻烦

steal That man often stays at the station and steal. argue Mark started to argue with for a large banana. follow I jumped out of the window, followed the man in yellow. hurry Hurry,Mummy! The baby is really very hungry. report …to… The reporter reported the sports meeting to the world.

Listen carefully, guess the meanings as fast as possible(老师手稿)

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Take something that is not yours Sth that can carry you across a river or a sea Sth policemen use to put on a bad person’s hands It is a small subject. You use it to keep your money. Talk with somebody angrily Do somehting or go somewhere very fast It has the same meaning of “call” or “phone” A person who takes something that is other’s Sth that makes you worried/ makes you sorry make you sad and unhappy/make you anxious…

Observe the first picture,read Para 1-3 fast: 1.He is is showing the 1.What the man bag to the women. doing with the bag in the boy first picture? 2.The in a green 2.Which person is T-shirt/ The third Sun Fei?from the person right. 3.Which 3.The man people on the areleft arguing and two?woman/…

Observe the second picture,read Para 4-7 fast:
4.Did 4.No. the man ran away? do The twoHow women you know? went after him. 5.What phone munber did Sun Fei’s father dial?

What number did Sun Fei’s father dial?


110 114

1212 120

Pair work: Imagine What they talked on the phone?
F: Hello! Is that police station? P: Yes. Can I help you? F: …… P……

Read the text again, guess the followigs:
Para 1. My father and I waited for the ferry. A . a person B. a boat Para 3. We followed this man here. A. go behind B. go before Para 4. The man hurried abroad. A. go slowly. B. go quickly Para 5 ….picked up the phone and quickly dialed 110. A. call B. find Para 7. He was in handcuffs : A. a place B. a subject

Read after the tape,then finish the sentences:
1.The man held out a bag because he wanted wanted to show he was __________. not a thief 2.One of the other men had the purse was empty because the bag _______________. 3. Xun Fei’s father did did not get on the ferry call the police. because he wanted to _________. 4.The man hurried abroad when the door was open because_________________________. he wanted to run away. 5.Sun Fen said “you are so great” to his father because________________________________ his father helped to catch the thief.
(his father could deal with the trouble in a good way)

Please underline the past form in your own book, then read out: looked asked

look picked ask waited pick followed wait showed follow opened show hurried open dialled hurry dial

said stole


was went
found ran

began took got

steal see say go are is get take begin run find

Dear Kurt Yesterday an exciteng thing happened to us. My father and I (1)_______for the ferry. Two women and waited a man (2)________ began arguing. Two woman told my father that th

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