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七年级英语Troubles Reading课件2

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In groups:
What munber do you dial to call … 1) a police car? 2) an ambulance? 3) the fire service? 110 120


Read loudly(大声读):
police -- police There are many police at the police station. ambulance--ambulance I am amazing at the American ambulance. service -- service The servant is servicing her a cup of coffee.

What number will you dial to call…? Be quick! I will dial … to call ...
ambulance fire service police police

Read quickly and choose the best answer: 1. Chen Yu woke up late in the morning because he ____________________. A. stayed up late B. got up late C. his mother didn’t wake him up. 2. On the way to school,Chen Yu ______. A. pulled on his clothes quickly B. ran out of the door quickly C. cycled quickly 3. Chen decided to help Mrs. Li because_______. A. she lived next door to Chun YU. B. she fell over and hurt. C. it was very cold that morning.

Read carefully,find out ChenYu’s problems: 1. If he didn’t finish the project, the science teacher would_____ _____. be angry 2. If he didn’t hurry to school, he couldn’t finish ____ the project _____ _____ before school.
3. If he didn’t help Mrs Li, he would ___ feel ___. guilty 4. If he helped Mrs Li, he did not ______. have time called the ambulance to At last he ________ pick up _____ _____ Mrs. Li and he _____ ____ rode to school happily.

What do you think of Chen Yu?
…… Now can you say something about the story? stay up late … finish the project… be angry … cycle quickly… fall over and hurt … have time… feel guilty… pick up… ride happily to

v.look for put into pick up come up enjoy adv. happily suddenly slowly adj. thirsty little big/small

Homework for today: 1.Copy the new words and phrases

2.Read the text and try to retell the story
3.Write a story about ...

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