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七年级英语This is me课件3

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flat n. 公寓

be born 出生

clever adj. 聪明的

Read the passage and tell if the sentences are “T”or “F” 1. Millie’s Chinese name is Wang Mei. 2. Millie is 11 years old. 3. Millie has a dog, its name is Hobo. 4. Simon’s Chinese name is LuoSang 5. Sandy’s Chinese name is Li Shanshan. 6. Kitty is 12 years old. 7. Amy’s Chinese name is ZhangKe. 8. Daniel is Sandy’s classmate.

hair glasse s

short no

short no /

long yes quite tall slim

long no small

short no

short yes

tall clever short…

not polite tall helpful funny


hair short short long no yes Shor long short t no no yes

What glasse no s are they like? tall short clever … What do they like?


quite not polit tall tall e small and funn helpfu l slim y

My profile
What is your name? Where were you born? How old are you? What are you like? What do you like ? Hair tall… My name is _______________. I was born_________________. I am_______________________. I have ____ hair and ____eyes. I am ________.

I like___________________.

Thank you!

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