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七年级英语Trip to Beijing课件

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Lesson 7 At the train station
New words Think about it Text
Let’s do it


Teaching aims
? Know and master some useful words and phrases. ? Read the passage easily ? Master the usage of them. ? Let students know and master some information about trian station

New words
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? station n. 车站 everyone pron. 每个人 buy v. 买 ticket n. 票 seller n. 售货者 soft adj. 柔软的 hard adj. 硬的 or conj. 或者

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

seat n. 座位 money n. 钱 time n. 时间 excited adj. 兴奋的;激动的 love v. 爱 fun n. 有趣的事 run v. 跑 jump v. 跳 down adv. 向下

Think about it
? Do you like to take the train? Why or why not? ? What can you see at the train station? ? How does Danny feel about the train trip?

? It’s Monday morning. Everyone goes to the train station to buy tickets. ? L: How much for a ticket on the T58 from Shijianzhuang to Beijing? ? TS: Do you want soft or hard seats? ? L: Hard seats, please. ? TS: Forty-two yuan each. ? L: When does the train leave? ? TS: At 11:20. ? L: When does the train arrive? ? TS: It arrives in Beijing at 2:00 in the afternoon. ? L: I need four tickets, please. ? TS: Here are your tickets.

? ? ? ? ? ?

J: What time is it now? L: It’s 11:00. J: I’m excited. L: Me, too! I love going on trips! D: I’m excited, too! Trains are so fun! Beijing is so great! I want to run! I want to jump! I want to sing! Come on, Jenny and Li Ming! Let’s run, jump and sing! ? M: Please don’t run or jump,Danny!D:OK, Mrs. Li. But I’m too excited!

Let’s do it

? Do you sometimes excited? What makes you excited? Write a short passage about it, then read it to a partner.

? ? ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ?

Everyone goes to the train station to buy tickets. 每个 人都到火车站去买票。 1)句中 station 是名词 “车站”之意。例如: a train station 火车站 a subway station 地铁站 a bus station 公交车站 a police station 警察局 2)buy 是动词,意为 “买”。其过去式、过去分词均 为bought。buy sth. in/from someplace 在/从某处买某 物。buy sb. sth. =buy sth. for sb. 给某人买……。 例如: Who’s going to buy a new coat for me?=Who’s going to buy me a new coat? 谁要给我买一件新外套呢? 有关 buy 的短语如下: buy…for+钱数意为 “以……价格买下” buy sth. for sb. 为某人买某物 buy…at a low price 以低价买下

? 2.I am excited. 我很兴奋。 ? 句中 excited 一词源于动词 excite,是 excite 的过去分 词,被用作形容词,表示 “令人兴奋的”。例如: ? Everyone was excited by the news of victory. 每个人为 这个兴奋的消息而兴奋。 ? She seemed very excited about the good news. 她听到 这个好消息后似乎很激动。 ? 知识拓展:辨析 excited,exciting ? excited,exciting 这两个词

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