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七年级英语Troubles Reading课件4

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What do you know about…?
Give short answers to these questions.
Do you often take a ferry? What number do you dial to

a call the police? b call an ambulance? c call the fire service?





B1 Read the title and the introduction on the next page. Give short answers to these 1 What is a diary? 2 What do you think Paul wrote about? B2 Look at the pictures on the next page. Give short answers to these questions. 1 What is the man doing with the bag in Picture 1? 2 Which person is Paul? 3 Which people are arguing? 4 What is Paul’s father doing in Picture 2?

(deal with =solve the problem) mean:解决

? Words: tourists 旅客;旅游者 hold out 取出;伸出 stare 盯;凝视 steal 偷窃 purse 钱包 missing 遗失的 gates 大门 hurry 赶快;匆忙 report 举报;报告 aboard 上(船、飞机等)thief小偷;窃贼 handcuffs 手铐

C Find the meanings
C1 Find these words in Paul’s diary on page 31. Read the words round them and choose the best meanings. 1 arguing a speaking noisily and angrily b hating someone 2 Held out a took out 3 Aboard a onto a ship or boat 4 To report a to give information about something b to do something important b onto a piece of wood b got out

5 A theft
a the crime of taking someone away b the crime of stealing something

C2 Find the words in Column A in the diary and match them with the meanings in Column B.

1 stared
2 stole 3 followed

a went after or behind someone
b called a number (on a telephone) c went quickly

4 hurried
5 dialled 6 missing

d took something away without paying
e that you cannot find f looked for a long time

C3 Find words from the diary to describe the pictures

1 some________ tourist

2 a_________ purse

3 A pair of________ handcuffs

D Find the facts
Later, Paul wrote a letter to his penfriend Kurt.Use the proper form of the words in the box to complete the letter. argue steal
Deal Kurt

handcuffs purse

father next

meet run

police exciting ferry follow

exciting thing happened to us.My father and I waited for the(2)________. ferry Yesterday, an(1)_______ Two women tourists and a man began(3)_________. three arguing One woman told my (4)_______that father stole purse went men(5)_________ her(6)________.Two of the men(7)________ away.The woman and her friend(8)_________ followed the other man onto the ferry.
My father and I did not get on the ferry.He hurried to an ice cream shop and quickly in phoned the(9)________.He asked them to(10)________ police meet the ferry when it arrived.

next We went across the river on the(11)________ ferry.The police got there in time! The man was in(12)________.My handcuffs father helped those women.He was really great.
Write and tell me your news,Kurt. Best wishes



Read and think
Find the answers to these questions in Paul’s diary.Work by yourself or in pairs 1 The man held out a bag to show that he did not have _____. b a any money c any food b the woman’s purse

2 Who pr

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