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七年级英语Tony has the longest journey课件

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Planes, boats and trains

Unit 1
Tony has the longest journey.

Learning Aims:
1.To learn the new words and phrases. 2.To understand conversations with superlative adjectives. 3.To improve our abilities of listening and speaking.



train a modern train

plane a large plane

subway crowded subway


Listen and match the words :
? train ? plane ferry ? bus ? subway ? taxi

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

comfortable crowed famous modern cheap large

波音 747

the largest plane in the world

Bikes are fast.. Buses are faster than bikes. Trains are the fastest of the three.

Taking a bus is cheap.

Riding a bike is_________. cheaper

But walking is_______________ the cheapest of the three.

A taxi is expensive. A ferry is more expensive. A plane is the most expensive.

Which is

the most crowded
most crowded of all.

crowded), taxi, ferry or subway ?

Subway is the

How do you get (go) to school ?

by bus
I get/go to school by bicycle/bike

on foot by car

Listen and answer the questions:
? How does Tony get to school?
He gets to school by bus.

How does Daming get to school?
He gets to school by bicycle.

Read and answer the questions.
1. Who lives closest to school ?
2. Who has the most dangerous journey ?


3. Who has the longest journey ?


4. Who has the most expensive journey ?

Betty’s dad
5. Who has the fastest journey ?


6. Who has the most uncomfortable journey ?

Betty’s dad

Names Tony


…way to

by bus by bicycle

the longest the best way journey


The fastest the most dangerous way journey
the closest journey the cheapest way
the most expensive / comfortable way


Linging’s dad


by taxi

How do they go to school ?
Names Transportation Tony Lily Lucy on foot by bicycle by taxi Journey (kilometers) 2 4 10 Time (minutes) 5 8 15

nearest ( near) to school. Tony lives _______

the ________ shortest ( short ) journey. He has ___ farthest ( far ) from school. Lucy lives _______ the _______ longest ( long ) journey. She has ____

How do they go to school ?
Names Tony Lily Lucy transportation on foot by bicycle by taxi Journey (kilometers) 2 4 10 Time (minutes) 5 8 15

By bicycle is ___ the _____ most dangerous ( dangerous ) way. _________ the _____ most ________ expensive By taxi is ___ ( expensive ) way.

Talk about the journey from your home to school.
Work in pairs. Ask and answer.
—How do you get to school? —I go by bus because I live farthest from the school. How about you ? —I go by bicycle because…


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